Apr 9, 2012


I plan on enjoying as many days outside that I can before 120 degrees comes! It's been so gorgeous outside lately and we can't help but be outside and smile! Today is the day after Easter and the boys got the day off! This afternoon we were trying to think of something fun to do and 
I suggested mini-golf! 
We found a fun course and even brought our own obstacles!! :) 
Mini golf is such a fun relaxing activity... for a date, family fun, or for the kids!!

I didn't realize our outfits all matched and were so "springy"! Spring Fever I guess!

Kai made 2 hole in ones!!

These girls had SO much fun!!! They were all over the course! We had it to ourselves so it made it great! We spent extra time on the holes they enjoyed and no ball was safe around these two! Brayce loved picking them up and throwing them in the hole and Kai would hit anyones!!

Like I said we brought our own obstacles! Jonathan hit this one and it landed under Braycee!

Daddy trying to teach Kai about golfing. She ran away to do it herself right after I snapped this pic!

The girls "helping"!

Nonnie & Papa having fun. 
And just for future reference, we won't let Mike keep score. He missed a hole somewhere! :)

Little Mess having fun!

Obstacle cutie patootie! Pink ball's Lynda and Mike's going for his shot!

She crawled hole to hole!!! Never stopped smiling!

Still in LOVE!! for always and forever!
Reminds me of the first time we went put putting together... ok I looked through my old pics and those were the days before digital cameras. Remember the good ol' throw away cameras? Yes, that's what I had been using!!! :) So can't share it here!

GO OUTSIDE!!! Enjoy this weather! Find a miniature golf course and take your family!! Lots of fun times and smiles!!


  1. In Joplin on rangeline past the mall. It was only $4 a person too and the girls were free. It was fun!



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