Mar 20, 2012

Rainy Day Story Time

This morning I remembered that it was Story Time at the Library! So I thought that would be a perfect thing to do on this rainy day!!! Kai was very excited to go! We had breakfast with daddy and then went to get dressed and wake up Braycee. First, I surprised the girls with their new Hello Kitty umbrella! Oh my, Kai was excited! We got there about 10 minutes before it started, took Kai potty and then we sang songs, listened to a few stories and "planted" seeds and taped them to the library window so we could see how they grow next week! After storytime, I took the girls into the library part so they could play on the "stage" and we signed Kairi up to have a library card! She picked and checked out 3 books all by herself!
This was only our second time going and we really enjoy it. I'm glad we go and hope to make this a weekly event. Last week was our first week and Kai was very quiet and just sat there and observed everything. It was SO fun to see her sing and dance, volunteer to be a helper, use her manners, and smile and have fun!
It's great because books and reading stories are soooo important for a kids development, and it's fun for the girls to get to play with other kids, and it's good for this mommy to get out of the house too! The only struggle with it is having to carry Brayce, my purse, and the diaper bag.. and today the umbrella, books, jackets etc. But I plan on next week having a bag for Kai to carry her books in and then only take the diaper bag not my purse. And who knows, maybe Brayce will learn to walk this week! :) Either way it's fun! Now we are home we had lunch! Kai ate a new fruit that she insisted she did not like! Brayce of course ate very well, drank some milk. And read one of our new books from the library! then... NAPTIME.
Here our a few pictures of our morning!

New Hello Kitty umbrella! Needed it today!

First day of Spring!!!

Jumping like a bunny!

Waiting patiently for it to start! :)

She loves doing crafts!

She's proud of her new card with her name on it!

Checking out her books all by herself!

She couldn't wait to dig into the books!


  1. this is great KC! I love that she got a library card!

  2. SO fun! I feel the same way everytime we go to the library! Carrying Kara, diaper bag, bag of books to check out, jackets, etc. Plus trying to keep Kara from crawling off anytime I set her down to look at books. She loves pulling all the books off the shelves for me to pick up too!



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