Mar 1, 2012

Fit vs Skinny

So for the past 2 years I have had a goal to "get skinny". Lately I have realized there is a more important goal. My new important goal is - to be healthy and fit. - I felt like this the 7 weeks we did Insanity; that there was something more than being able to wear a size 6 or not having a tire around my midsection. I was able to do push ups, I could tell a difference in my body, energy, and mind. But after we quit doing Insanity, I lost that focus and just wanted to "be skinny". I've done so many different things trying to lose all the weight I have left! I want it and I want it now! BUT now I have a different goal. I am not going to be so attached to my scale...
I have been doing weight watchers since the end of December and I do think weight watchers is such a great program and I have had success in the past with it and would highly recommend it to anyone! But yesterday I decided to quit weight watchers and Jonathan and I joined a gym. We just can't afford to do both at this time. I want to add weight training with my cardio (i love to run) to add muscle and lose FAT.
I am a little intimidated to start at the gym because I have NO idea what routine or machines I should use! But I am excited to learn. And am so excited to do this with my husband.
Also I am focusing on "eating clean" again. Adding veggies to my diet and limiting sugar and dairy. I even bought Hunts ketchup (I'm a heinz girl!) because Hunts has no fructose corn syrup which is not good for you! And we are cutting out preservatives and artificial flavoring as much as we can! (I wish we had a whole foods closer to Grove!)

I did some calculations of different body goals.
Weight: mine 167.8  goal 145(ish)
Body Fat:  mine 27.75%  goal  21%
BMI: mine 27.92  goal  24
Waist size:  mine 42  goal 35

I am VERY excited about my waist size goal. 7 inches. It makes me feel focused. My "spare tire" has always been my biggest physical feature flaw in my opinion and I am ready to lose it! So I've decided to lose it I need to get fit and work hard... Build habits that will make me not only physically strong but mentally!
We are trying to set a time that we can go to the gym every(week)day. Setting that time and making it a priority is going to be KEY to our success. There is no childcare provided at our gym; so I am so grateful for my mother in law agreeing to watch the girls an hourish each day so we can go to the gym together. Living in the same town as family has so many blessings, and this is one of them. If you don't live in town with family, find a family that will adopt you into yours! :)
So tonight will be our first attempt at the gym... wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes!

I am trying to find some things online for different circuit training and weight lifting routines. Do you know where to find a good one? If you have ANY tips or advice for me please leave a comment. I have open ears!

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  1. yah on your new "focus!" I'm totally with you on being healthy and not skinny-such a hard thing to grasp-especially for a woman! So excited for you! way to go on the gym too!! if for any reason your MIL can't watch the girls, I'd love to! we are usually around! :) keep up the awesome work KC! you are such an inspiration and encouragement! love the blog design too-way to go Jonathan!!!!



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