Feb 17, 2012

They Call Me Mamarazzi

(SN: I stole this title from my friend's (Jill) fb album bc I think it's so cute and is fitting for this post. Thanks Jill!) 

Hey mommas! Get to clicking! 

What's one of the best ways to capture memories? With our cameras!! Our babies grow up WAY TOO FAST, don't they?! I mean in the next couple weeks mine are both having birthdays, 1 & 3! 
Technology has made it sooo easy on us to never have to miss or forget a moment - with digital cameras and iPhones! I LOOOVVVVEEEE it!
I do love pictures. I take at least 1,000 each month. I love the in the moment pictures, the sit by your sister and smile pictures and the professional photoshoot pictures.  - I think we should capture it all. 
So first step- get a camera. (I love my canon powershots, rebels, and 60d) - I'm a canon girl! Second start clicking! There's not film anymore. We can take 50 pictures and it's ok - it didn't cost us anything, but if you are in a dark area and the flash keeps going off you may want to stop for your child will be seeing spots for days! Lol. You have to get used to taking pictures just like your kids will get used to getting their picture taken. Also I think canon does a great job with their automatic setting so all you have to do is turn the camera on to get a decent shot!
Capture the moments when they are working on a project, when they hug their sibling, or when they are splish splashing in the tub. don't worry if they arent looking at the camera, and please get down on their level! This enhances those in the moment pictures so much! 
When you go on a trip or to the zoo don't just take pictures of the animals get your child's face as he/she stares in awe or when they fall in the mud and have to wear their cousins shorts. Oh, This is a tip I love: ask a stranger to take a family picture for you! So many times I see pictures of everyone but you guessed it--- the mom! I love having thr 4 of us in a shot together! Take turns with the camera (or your children might think you were never there... Just kidding kinda) 
Focus on capturing your child's personality... Capture those smiles, tantrums, or as my daughter already likes to do - eye rolling moments. 
Shameless commercial: :) Oh and as a professional photographer I highly recommend you take your children to a professional shoot every month! Just kidding! But once or twice a year is a must! And be prepared to be in a few too so you can always have pictures together as your family grows. Professional prints make great wall art. To hang over the fireplace or in your living room. The bigger the better! We have a collage of our family photos hanging in our living room and I just find myself siting and staring at it. 

So ok you took all of these pictures --- now what?! 
1. Save them. Save them to 2 external hard drives. (keep one at a different location) then at any time you can go back and look at last year or 5 years ago. You can see what you were like as a child and hoe your children look like their daddy. You can have pictures of loved ones that you don't get to see saved and always just a click away. 
2. Print them! I love going to my moms house and looking at her fridge w all of her favorite pictures on it and all over the house she has pics of her grandkids. 
3. Share them. Social networking is a fun way to share your lives with family & friends through pictures and to get fun comments and likes. Facebook, instagram, twitter... 
4. Send them! My mom & dad live 4 hours away and they EXPECT their POD (picture of the day) to be emailed to them of their 2 granddaughters. I love doing this. I snap a picture of something fun we did that day and email it all right from my phone.
5. Store your favorites. I used to love scrap booking but if you have ever tried this it takes a lot of time and money and space! Last year I started a yearly tradition that I love! Mixbook.com!!!! I make a photo album/ digital scrapbook for all of my favorite pictures and memories from the year! Then it's all right there in one book!! (also groupon usually has a great deal on these!) I love looking through these books or when people come over they can glance through them - sit them in your coffee table)

So what do you like to do with your pictures? What's your favorite picture?

... Oh and sometimes they are good for blackmail. Did you know my husband had hair past his shoulders in high school !? :)

Here are a couple pics I took w my iPhone today - not the best quality but memories captured.
When daddy got home from work we were outside waiting on him ready to go see the lake in the wagon!

Kai and Brayce were attacked with the giggle bug tonight! It came to bedtime and they couldn't stop laughing! They laughed at each other for an hour straight! (we let bedtime be pushed back. Too sweet of a sound to quiet them!)


  1. You take great photos, KC. And you have some super cute models to photograph, too! I am excited that you talked so highly of canon...my husband just bought me a new canon rebel! :) I can't wait to capture more moments of my little family! I just need to remember to save and print. Don't just let them sit there! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. great post! so funny you mentioned JD's long hair. I was just looking through old photos from high school the other day and there was one from camp of Pip and JD with the long hair! And Kara has been making that exact face that Brayce is! So cute!

  3. this is a great post!!! I love taking pictures too! And of course LOVE seeing all the ones you post on fb of your family. I feel like its one of the biggest ways I've gotten to know you better.



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