Dec 31, 2011

Christmas + Family = Trip to Kingfisher

Christmas Evening at 8 pm we decided to get a jump start on Christmas in Kingfisher and packed for the 4 of us and then made the 4 hour drive. We got there at 1 am. The girls were such sweethearts. They slept the whole way and slept well that night. We were up and ready the next morning for a fun day and week with "all of the friends." 

my daughters, nieces & nephews
LOVE this bunch of kids!

playing with the girls - enjoying this weather

the girls (minus brayce)
the 4 sweetest little girls I know!!
Kai was so cute. She wanted to be with "all my friends" at all times. 
She loves her cousins SOOOO much! I'm already looking at the calendar of when we can go back again! 
and we just got home today!

hubby & I celebrating Christmas with my family

Kingfisher in Lights

riding the "choo choo train" in the park

we got to visit the OKC zoo in the 64 degree weather!
we had so much fun seeing all the animals with my whole family!

our tour guide

i sure do love him

mommy's girl

she has no fear!


My sisters - Morgan, Me, & Meg
Thursday night we got together with my oldest and dearest friends! We've all been friends since elementary school!!! 
Love these girls! :) And so blessed we can get together each year!

Friend Christmas Party 2011
us girls and the kiddos!

Me, Jaryn, Meggie, Jess, & Jill
best friends forever :)
I am blessed with such a wonderful family, not only my husband and daughters. But my parents, sisters, bro-in-laws and nieces & nephews! We had a fun week and are so glad that even though we are far away we aren't too far for a trip down!

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