Nov 3, 2011

This list could go on forever...

1: I am thankful for Jesus Christ/God and my faith. He has saved me. And completely transformed my life. I was lost and broken. He came into my life and now I have JOY. Seriously - if you want to know more just ask me! :)
2: I am thankful for my husband, my best friend - without him I would be lost. He has taught me so much. I love our marriage. Plus he's so cute! He is so good to me and we have no secrets. I trust him with all that I am and LOVE him with every ounce of my soul.
3: I am thankful for my beautiful daughters. They are truly blessings from God. I hope and pray that I can be the best mother I can be to them w God's help. They have brought so much JOY into my life. They are so sweet and adorable.
4: I am thankful for my MOM. She has taught me so much about what it means to be a mom and how to live. She is and always has been my #1 fan and supporter. I loved that she was always home when I was and that she was able to be such a huge part of my life. My coach, my friend, my mom, my chauffeur. lol :) She stuck with me even through the hard years!
5. I am thankful for my DAD. My dad is the nicest man I know and witty! :) He has taught me to always smile and to love life. And he taught me to always wear my seatbelt. I love him.
6. I am thankful for my in-laws. Mike and Lynda are more than my parents-in-laws. They are my friends. I love them so much and love living in the same town as them. I am so thankful that my girls get to grow up seeing grandparents everyday. They are always there to support us and encourage us. Plus we have so much fun together!
7. I am thankful for our "jobs". I am thankful for my husband's job at COS and that he works so hard so I can stay at home. I am thankful for my job at the hospital that allows me to have benefits. I am thankful for our JKphotography studio, that this is something we enjoy doing together. I am thankful for my job of staying home with my girls, it's the best!
8. I am thankful for our church, COS. I am thankful that my husband works there and that he loves it. I am thankful for my FIL who is the preacher and "feeds" us each week with the best sermons I've ever heard. I am thankful for the music because it rocks. I am thankful for the people, my church family. I am thankful for God bc I'm pretty sure HE LOVES COS too!.
9. I am thankful for my house. I love having a house where everything has it's place. It helps me to feel stable and at home. I love when it's clean but I am learning to love it when it's messy too bc that means my girls are having fun lol. God provides so much for my family.
10. I am thankful for technology. I love my cameras, igadgets and the internet. They help me to stay connected with family. To take pictures of my girls and store them so I can go back and look at them. They help me know where I'm going and to waste a lot of time. lol.

I am thankful.

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