Jul 25, 2011

God teaches us true LOVE

Jonathan and I are doing are best to raise our girls in church and in a family environment that believes in Jesus. Kairi loves going to church and not just for the donuts. :) we love the encouragement we get from just being a part of our church family. I love when she wants to listen to church music, read about God, and give her money to Jesus. I pray that she always has that sweet innocent heart. (as she's climbing all over me and laughing that ornery laugh)
I never thought in my whole life that I would be a preacher's wife but I love (most of) it. And my girls will both be a preacher's kid. People say that preachers kids are the craziest ones. I pray for my girls and that God will help me be the best mommy I can be. That they will choose to always follow Christ and stay on his path. Unlike their momma did. Im so thankful for forgiveness and for everything I learned and of course that i ended up where i did but I do not want them to go through the things I did. I can't believe the things I put my mom through - surely my girls won't do that to me. Right?! Lol.

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