Sep 6, 2008

14 weeks

Things have been going great. I haven't been sick at all. The only symptom I have really noticed is that my bedtime for the past 3ish months has been at 9:30. Just this past week I have started staying up late again.
I had my first appointment August 13th and I got to see my baby kicking and floating and hear it's precious little heartbeat. Our next appointment is Sept 10th. I'm thinking we will find out in the middle of October what we're having. JD thinks it's a boy, I'm thinking a girl. But of course would be happy more than happy for either.
I just feel so blessed to be having a baby and married to the most wonderful man in the world.
We have the baby's furniture and um... a dresser full of clothes! :) I am having so much fun spoiling the little one and it's not even here yet.
DUE DATE: MARCH 4th 2009

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