Jul 26, 2015

Parker Matthan Birth Story

He's here!!!

Meet my son Parker Matthan. He is 9lbs 13oz and 21" long. He is beautiful and perfect.

No wonder I was so tired the past couple of months! Apparently growing a 10 pound baby is tough work! But he is worth it all. He is such a sweet baby. I mean look at him!   

We were scheduled to be induced at 39 weeks 1 day on a Monday morning at 5am. Well, Parker decided to wait no longer. That Sunday evening at 7:30pm I started having contractions about 5 minutes apart. After an hour they slowed down to around every 10 minutes so we went about our evening and headed to bed around 10. I was restless and couldn't sleep and at 11, the real pain started. I tossed and turned, but at midnight I could no longer ignore the pain I was in. We decided to go ahead and take showers and get things together and go to the hospital a few hours earlier than planned. I figured we would just get settled in and take a nap until the morning. Nope! When we got settled into the room and the nurse checked me I was already dilated to an 8 and my contractions were coming every minute.

I was freaking out a bit when I saw the look on her face and hearing the "we are trying are hardest" to get my epidural. Seriously, I don't know how women do it without it. This was the first time I've been in labor. Yes, it's my 4th child but I had never been in labor before having an epidural to chill with all day. This was for real. Ouch.

Luckily my water did not break and about 2:30 am the most loved person by all pregnant women arrived and gave me an epidural. Aw, sweet relief. My doctor arrived right after that and at 3:37 my little man arrived after a couple pushes. My husband and MIL were there to welcome our baby boy into the world. I had never seen a birth before, but I could see Parker in the reflection of my doctor's glasses. That was actually a pretty neat experience.

I spent some time with Parker on my chest and then he got wrapped up and Daddy got to give him some food. While I tried to get rid of those epidural shivers that come.

I am so thankful for a healthy, perfect, baby boy and for a healthy delivery. At the beginning of this pregnancy we thought we had lost our baby due to the bleeding that lasted for weeks. But all glory to God he is here and perfect. What a gift! We put all of our hope in God and we knew we wanted to name our baby Hope. But with him being a boy and hope being a girl name Jonathan found the name Matthan. Which means hope! Matthan (pronounced like Matthew, but -an.) is also Jesus' great grandpa's name.

It was kind of funny around 8 am we started getting texts saying Good luck today! And well, I had already been holding my baby for hours! Our other kids came up to the hospital Monday morning and they couldn't wait to get their hands on him. Brayce got to hold him first since he is her buddy. They are all 4 in love with him! Zeke walks around the house saying, "Baby. Baby. My baby."

We left the hospital Tuesday morning and got home around 9am. We had a quiet day of resting and enjoying our new little man.

Papa and Nonnie kept our other 3 kids Sunday night until Wednesday morning for us. Which was so nice. So thankful for them! The kids loved it and it gave me a couple days to recoup! Which it is crazy the difference I felt after my first and after my fourth! We were excited to get them back home and start enjoying life as a family of 6.

 We had a lazy week of just spending time together and I loved having Daddy home all week to help out! We were blessed with 2 weeks worth of meals provided to us by our church family and friends from the MOPs group! It's been amazing!




Parker's first time at church at 6 days old.


And then there were 4! Love love! 4 has been a pretty easy adjustment for me. I mean after 2 what's the difference of adding one or two more?

He's been a good sleeper. He spends most of his days sleeping and does good at night too. He goes to his bed (rock n play sleeper in our room) around 8:30 or 9 and wakes up around 2 for a 3 oz bottle (which takes him about an hour to get back to sleep) and then again at 6 for another bottle goes back to sleep for awhile until we move to the living room to continue sleeping. Jonathan and I have been going to bed earlier so we make sure we get plenty of sleep and it really has made a huge difference. I've only woke up one morning not feeling rested and I count it an answer to prayers for the energy and rest I have gotten.


I thought having 2 in diapers would be a little more difficult, but really it hasn't been bad! Look at these sweet brothers! I see a lifetime of best buds and memories!
Everyone keeps asking who he looks like and if he looks like Zeke. But Parker has his own distinct look. He just looks like him. He has lots of hair, but it has a light brown and almost maybe a red tint? His complexion is a lot lighter than the other kids'. He has blue eyes for now. He is just perfectly him.


 So here we are. Already 2 weeks old. Time is flying by like it always seems to do. Jonathan goes back to work full time tomorrow (he did a half week last week). So it's me and the 4 kids. We can do this. If not we will just hide away until we can. 
Parker baby we love you so much. Welcome to the family. We are glad you're here!  

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