May 18, 2015

Waiting and Loving

Checking things off a to do list is easy.

But waiting is hard.

As we approach the 30 day mark of waiting to hear if we are approved as foster parents or not I have been struggling with the waiting part.

I'm not rushing it and I am enjoying and loving my everyday with the 3 little ones I have at home.

But the not knowing and wondering if or when we will be licensed is hard for me. I like having a plan and knowing what is going to happen and when. Maybe this is preparing me for the world of foster care. Where everything is unknown and nothing is in my control. I've prayed the Lord prepare my heart and I know He is saying, "Be Still. Trust Me."

I've been wondering what to do in my waiting. Praying about it. Journaling. And trying to figure out if there is something I can do. I've been feeling a bit stuck. Wanting to make sure I am still doing God's work while I wait.

This morning I was given the answer- "While you're trying to figure out what God wants you to do next... Go love everybody." Bob Goff

So we continue to pray. We pray for "Little Girl." We pray to be approved. (I check my email 10 times a day.) We pray for our family in how this will change us all. We pray for our hearts and our kids' hearts. We try to prepare for the unknown. We paint bunk beds  We donate our stuff for those in needs. I do my best to serve my family. We enjoy everyday as a family of 5.

And most importantly, we continue loving God and loving others.


If you find yourself in a waiting period wondering what to do next, I want to encourage you to BE STILL, TRUST GOD & GO LOVE EVERYBODY.

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