May 30, 2015

MFW Week 3 Part 1

Hey guys! It's that time of the week where I share parts our week of homeschooling (& more importantly our life) with you! This week was kind of a weird week for our homeschooling - but I'm sure we will have plenty of those! So hence the reason for part 1 of week 3! I guess that saves me from preparing for a new week! We will continue on with week 3 next week!

Apparently Saturday was World Turtle Day or something like that so we visited our library to see Moses, the 112 pound turtle and to check out some books.  
Monday was Memorial Day and so we didn't do school, but spent some time with my in-laws and made a trip to Target and Toys R Us. My husband was super excited that him and the kids got lightsabers! They've been having epic fights ever since.   

We also found this amazing climber for the kids. All 3 of them love it (especially Zeke.) This is going to go in our playroom/homeschool room - which we don't have yet. We are converting the garage into this area!! (Hence the huge mess in the picture. We got so much done this week! We are working on going through all of the tubs and things right now to purge and get organized! We have been able to donate 40+ trash bags full of items so far! And then we will move onto painting and such! I'm so stinking excited to add this space to our house!)

We finished the new bunk beds and were able to move them into the girls' room! I LOVE them and love how they look. We painted them white and found coordinating sheets (on clearance!) for all 4 beds! So thankful for my friend who gave us this bed and the mattresses for our future foster care kids!   Braycee has moved to the top bunk and thinks she is pretty big stuff now! 

I have a small obsession with fun workbooks! Especially when I can find them for $1! The girls LOVE doing these and I love incorporating them into our days!  
I found these "Creative Me" workbooks at the Target $1 aisle and now we start school by doing a page or two out of them. They are so cute and are great for the imagination! (Go get them for your kids, and maybe one for yourself too!) There were 2 volumes, but I'll be sad when we make it all the way through them. So fun!

The first page had some different things, which included "Hello My Name is". Brayce was having a hard time focusing or remembering - or maybe she was just busy being 4, but she forgot how to write her name. Instead of just telling her or letting her only write B I got out some of our letters and made her find which ones belong in her name.

This was a great reminder for me that my girl is only 4 and yes, she is smart, but I am not going to stress or get frustrated if she forgets her letters - or all of a sudden can't sing her ABC's. I'm going to focus on the basics with her and keep on having FUN. At this age I really believe they learn through play and will be focusing on that with her. Big Sister might get jealous, but I'll make sure we all have some fun. I forget sometimes that even though Kai is doing 1st grade and Braycee is so good at doing school - she is not at the same level. This is going to be a great learning experience of teaching multiple ages this year.


Little brother got in on the action with the magnets. Then somehow this turned into a very noisy marching band with all my pans and spoons!   

Kai completed the handwriting pages and we made a scroll out of them. It's been fun to watch them point out scrolls in different books and movies we have seen since learning about them!

We started our art class! Drawing with Children. I'm interested to see how this books goes, if we enjoy it and to see their skills grow. I'm going to be doing all of the lessons right along with them. I was very impressed on how they did with their first "lesson". They seemed to enjoy it a lot.   

Tuesday night after playing outside in the water hose and a bath we did our science book and went outside and picked a few roses to take a closer look at them.  (In our lesson plans it says to read the book on Monday, but don't do the experiments until Friday. This will be one thing we change. We will either do all of it on Monday or Friday, but it didn't make sense to me to split it up like that.)


Wednesday the kids transformed the ️homeschool table into something a little different. They played and played all morning.  
We did do school in the afternoon and of course read some books! I like for the girls to look through the books and then I read to them. I love that it gets their hands on the book and turning the pages and looking at all the pictures putting the story together.   

Thursday the girls wanted to do some crafts so we painted some wooden crosses and drew some pictures, which Kai included "doodling" that we learned about in our art book.  

When Daddy came home from work I suggested we go to the Splash Pad for some fun. (I was having a grumpy day and really needed to get out of the house.)


We have been having some crazy amounts of rain in Oklahoma and stopped by a puddle at our church on the way home to check out the tadpoles.     

Today we started the day with donuts for breakfast and ended it with playing in a fountain.
I had a good week with my family. I feel a little behind on school and laundry, but we got so much done around the house (in the garage) and tons of family fun time - that it is worth it! I love that we make the rules for our homeschooling and we get to bring in so many different aspects to learning. I don't take the responsibility lightly that my husband and I are in charge of training, teaching and maturing our children. I am thankful for this opportunity and all of the humbling moments along the way.

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