May 15, 2015

MFW First Grade Week 1

Welcome to our first week of first grade!

I recently posted HERE about why we are starting a new year at the end of May and I posted our first day pictures and "about me's." I also posted HERE what curriculum we are using and how I organized it.

Every week I want to share with you about our homeschool week and what we are learning. I want to do this for a few reasons: 1. It'll be a great way for me to look back and see all the fun things we have done, the progress that has been made, and a scrapbook to hold our memories because even though the days are slow the years fly by. 2. Also, this will be a great way to document what we love about MFW 1st, what works, and what we want to omit the next time around. 3. This will give me some accountability to make sure we are staying on track and doing school on a consistent basis. 4. It might give you an idea or two of something you want to do with your kids or it might answer a question you have about homeschooling or the MFW curriculum. So I hope you follow along with us this year!

My new homeschool table!!! Isn't it dreamy? Well, I think so! I bought a regular old wood table and painted it white. I just love it. Right now it is in our living room and we love learning with the natural light from the windows.


We kicked off the week with pictures, measuring/weighing and the regular 1st day things like that. (See this post.)

The girls wanted to try out the new table and grabbed their drawing things.


We bought a new dining room table and I have made a rule of no pens and markers at that table. So I was extra excited to have this table ready to create at!


I love this picture Kai drew of the vase of flowers. She is a little perfectionist and I have to encourage her daily to let it go. Perfection is not our goal.

In our homeschool group my friend taught an art class for the kids and read a book called Ish. It really gave me verbage to be able to use with Kai. I reminded her that art is whatever the artist wants it to be and makes it and that it shouldn't be perfect, it should be -ish. 
She had "messed" up and got discouraged and wanted to crumple up her picture, but I wouldn't let her. And I love the final product. (Until little brother ripped it.)

The girls each have a school box with their daily folder, workbooks, pencils and such. I am loving these boxes and they are giving the girls some independence and responsibility to get their own things out. (I prepare them before the week with what they'll need.)

I love that we prayed for our homeschooling and this table while we were painting it. We prayed for God to guide us in our school year, for the things we would learn around this table and the relationships that would be built - mainly the relationships with Christ we want our children to develop.

(Here the girls are doing some work and telling jokes and giggling. I'm glad they think each other is funny, because I wasn't getting their jokes.)

This week we talked about history and about scrolls. We discussed how the Bible was first written on a scroll and how the Bible has the very beginning of history recorded in it.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

The girls made scrolls.  (Kairi loves cats. Cats love Kairi.)    

Tuesday night we went to our friends' son's baseball game. I smiled when I saw this. All of these girls (besides one) are in our homeschool group. During the baseball game, they were busy creating things from a science experiment kit! You can learn any & everywhere! The world is our classroom. 

One thing I love about homeschooling is how flexible it is. I am working on following a daily schedule, but I also really enjoy just knowing what I want to accomplish that day and doing it whenever. This day we really needed to go grocery shopping so off we went! We were able to shop in the morning and do school in the afternoon. We make the rules! (Zeke was much happier after a cookie.) 

Last year the girls did everything the same. But this year I felt it would benefit Brayce more to have some age appropriate pages to do that coordinates with what Kai is doing. Brayce is pre-prek. She loves sitting down to do school right along Sissy. She's a smart little one.


Kai and Zeke are buddies. She watches out for him and I love to see this relationship growing. I missed Kai so much when she was gone 8 hours a day during prek and I do my best to not take for granted that she is home with us everyday. Sure, some days I need a break, but I wouldn't change being a SAHHM (stay at home homeschooling mom)! It's just what works best for our family.  

Today we had some errands to run, and after a stop by Happy Hour we were home doing school. We do school for about an hour to an hour and a half each day.  

Feel free to wiggle when needed! Learning is supposed to be fun!


I know this is our first week, but I already feel so much more consistent and excited about this year and this curriculum. I feel more confident having a year under my belt, I guess. I love the girls' ages and we are just having a fun time learning together. 
Tomorrow is exploration day and we are choosing to go explore the city and Target.

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