Mar 19, 2014

SB 14 > On the Go to K.C.

On the road again...
My MIL had to go on a business trip to Kansas City and she invited us to go along with her and my FIL. WooHoo! Excited for a fun vacation for Spring Break.

It was a 4 day, 3 night trip. And LOOK at all this stuff!! (Sadly this isn't even all of it - we had to load some of our stuff on my in-laws trolly. Thank goodness we have a minivan now.)
I would love for this to be a post all about the 10 best tips you must know to pack for a family of 5. Well, I obviously have no expertise in this area.

We put the girls' car seats next to each other in the back row of the van and they LOVED it. So many giggles! We might just leave them that way.

Monday while Nonnie was at work, we went downtown to the Crown Center to visit Kaleidoscope - Hallmark's FREE art class. The girls really had a lot of fun. They had stations set up with different crafts you could make. The girls enjoyed painting these butterflies and making cardboard puzzles.
Oh these pigtails!!!

Zeke had a blast. And by that I mean he slept from the time we left the hotel until we got back hours later.

Jonathan was telling the girls how he made a puzzle just like this on this very same machine when he was a kid... 20 years ago! I think that kind of hit him. 20 years ago!

FAMILY of 5 FUN!!!!
(Papa came with us, too!)
Downstairs was a free exhibit of The Wizard of Oz. This was a bit hectic and wild with kids running around. We stayed in there for about 10 minutes and that was enough. Fun, but wild and crowded.

By the way, something I learned from this day... It was St. Patrick's Day and I had been so proud of myself to remember to pack the girls green shirts to wear so they didn't spend the whole day pinching each other. Well, I don't think I will ever dress my kids in green again on this holiday. Especially if I plan to visit a crowded place/mall. EVERYONE was wearing green. It was so fun and festive, but the girls were so easy to lose track of and become out of site.

When Nonnie got off of work she was ready to go have some fun too. Papa and Nonnie took the girls to their favorite store... American Girl.
2 happy and spoiled little girls. They love playing with their American Girl Bitty Babies

In the middle of this mall is the coolest carousal I've ever seen. It is a 2 story/double decker. While pregnant, I always opt out of riding the carousals and gladly wave at the girls as they go around and around and around - hello nausea. So I was excited to get to ride this one with them. I'm not sure why they need to go around 50 times though. Besides the fact that Kairi told me that she was going to stay on it until it was dark outside.

The girls' favorite thing to do at a hotel is SWIM. They were so excited to get back to the hotel to go swimming that night.
This kid is loud 100% of the time. And I love every minute of it.

These are my favorite floaties! They keep the girls upright and their faces out of the water. They are able to swim by themselves all over the pool.
Daddy had so much fun swimming with the girls! They played for hours.

Lots of toys to play with in the room.
(Whenever we go on a trip I always let the girls fill up a bag of toys.) No need tonight though because they were especially excited to play with their new AG gymnastics equipment.

Little Brother is awake!!
He's getting sooooo big!

Tuesday we decided to take it easy during the day and play in the room and of course go swimming again.

My beautiful, sweet Kairi.
She likes to try to be funny, too - like her Mommy. We try.

And then there is this CRAZY child. Never a dull moment. We are always laughing.

Happy 3 WEEK Birthday Mr. Zeke!

My 3 favorite little people!!!

We weren't sure how we were going to spend our last day of vacation and when one thing fell through Kairi asked her Nonnie and Papa - "we aren't done having fun are we?!"
Of course not! We headed down to the Dinosaur Restaurant and had lunch and then Nonnie told them they could either pick out a dinosaur or dig in the sand for fossils. Kai saw the Build-a-Dino and came up to me with the pinkest dinosaur she could find and said... "Nonnie told me that we could get a dinosaur or dig in the sand. I choose a dinosaur." My girls LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Build-A-Bear.
Nonnie is taking care of her little man - Can't forget Zeke!
(He's 3 weeks old and this is his 2nd Build-A-Bear. We have a stuffed animal problem at our house!)
Happy Little Girls!
Thanks Nonnie and Papa!!! What FUN!!!!

This girl LOVES anything PINK and sparkly.

My attempt at a picture of all 3 kiddos before heading home!

I feel so blessed and lucky to get to do things like this with my family and with my in-laws. We are building memories that will last a lifetime (especially wth the help of documenting them on this blog). We had so much fun. All 3 kids are great travelers and I cherish all of these moments. It reminds me of my childhood and I am glad I get to do this with my kids now.

I hope you had a HAPPY SPRING BREAK, too!!!

Going on vacation is always fun, but there's something about being home that I LOVE!

I got about half of the stuff put away when we got home, started laundry, washed bottles, and we got these tired kids in bed at a decent hour. The rest will wait until tomorrow. Blogging and coffee for now.

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  1. What great memories for the kids. Glad everyone had fun. Thanks for sharing as I enjoy reading about the family fun times.



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