Apr 21, 2012

TLC day 2

Wow! Today was such a gorgeous day! We had a photoshoot this morning and grabbed something to eat and then headed outside to work some more on the house!!! It was about 65 degrees and the sun was shining! I loved it! 
Mike and Lynda came over to help! And wow! We appreciate it! 
The boys worked all afternoon on putting the fence up! And us girls worked on the flowerbeds!


AFTER!!! :)
Painted the door YELLOW (Kai picked out the color)! WHAT DO YOU THINK?! I'm still not sure!


Lynda helped me with the flower beds today! We planted flowers, bushes, and spread mulch!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Nonnie and Kai planting flowers!

After!!! Kai is proud of her flowers! :)

Mike and Jonathan working on putting the fence back up! 
They worked hard today! They got the 8 posts cemented in today! Next work day will be putting up the boards again! Darn Oklahoma wind! Thank you guys for working so hard today!!!


  1. So does this mean your not selling your house? I love the yellow door. It's joyful and chipper just like you guys.

  2. No we've decided to stay put! We are happy w this decision! :) I forgot that Kairi said the door looks like "the sun". I told her it was like the sunshine because this is a happy home! :) I'm gla your comment reminded me of that!



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