Jan 21, 2012

See ya later alligator

This is the longest I've been away from my girls. It will be a total of 4 days! I miss them so much and I can't wait to squeeze them and kiss them again. They are home with their Nonnie & Papa while Jonathan and I snuck away to Nashville to attend a photography workshop and while we are away & at a fun location we are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.
Last night we stayed in Kansas City at a great hotel and met up with an old friend and his wife and had dinner. It was so great catching up and just visiting. We were there for 3 hours until they were locking up the restaurant. We will definitely have to get together again!
This morning we flew to Nashville. My husband is so great and patient with me. Not only am I afraid of flying - or I guess I'm more scared of the crashing part. I am also terrified of being locked in a small space with 200 people, a small aisle and no escape. I had tears while loading the plane and didn't relax until we arrived, landed and bought some chocolate at the airport. We had made it. Then we experienced our first cab ride. Not as scary or as fun as I imagined. He took off with a large chunk of our money but did bring us to where we wanted to be. Downtown Nashville. Our hotel was expensive but is not all that great. I mean it's ok but when you are used to traveling with the Great Lynda you turn into a hotel snob. :) but it is nice and clean and Location, Location, Location. We came to the hotel and decided we wanted to get dressed up and go out. We walked all around downtown and went to eat at The Hardrock Cafe. It was a great atmosphere, a fun waiter, and good food. While spending more than we usually do in a month we had a great anniversary date. We walked in the cold air with the crowded sidewalks and peeked into the windows of the bars with all the loud drunk people having a good time as well. We were feeling a little blah and full from our dinner and decided to go for a run in the hotels fitness center. Not a great run but a run all the same. We did feel better afterwards.
Now here we are. Blogging. :) sitting side by side.
I am happy and in love. I love my life and am soooooo blessed. I am so excited to be in Nashville on a romantic getaway with my husband of 5 years. I look forward to 70 more and then forever after.
A BIG thank you to my in-laws for keeping the girls this weekend. I know the girls are having a great time!

Saying see you later to our little gals, hubby/wife Nashville trip, the girls at the zoo for Micah's bday party w Nonnie & Papa


  1. aww how much fun! i was just all smiles reading this! i hope you all are having a wonderful time--and how awesome to be stuck just you and your sweetie with no kids for 4 days! (although i know your heart aches for them) and they are missing mommy and daddy, that is just great you all could do this! hope you learn some fun, awesome things! miss you!

  2. p.s...LOVE your pink skirt..you look absolutely adorable!



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