Nov 16, 2011

Home Improvements... wishlist*

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a homeowner. & I do love my home. The location of it is not my ideal spot - I would love to be in town and I am not a big fan of trees & bugs and we have a lot of them. Sometimes I am not content with where we are and will want to sale our house and move to town. I have looked at prices of some houses in town and just know that it would be out of our budget to live there. I have even thought about renting to get to where I want to live BUT like I said I love being a homeowner. There is something about it that is so comforting. It brings a lot of stability to my life. And I do not think I am ready to give that up! :)
So with all that being said. I am so very happy right where I am.  But there are things I would like to start doing to make it better for our family. 
I've made a list of the things I want done and now I am going to prioritize them and get an estimated cost for them. I figure if we slowly start attacking them then eventually we will have the list crossed off!

We live 5 miles out of town. My house is not big but big enough for our family; it is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. My girls share a bedroom and so the third room is a play room.  One car garage that we have enclosed into living space - it will be our work out room/big toys. We are moving our computer desks into the playroom and have brought our kitchen table back! Which I am very excited about.

So some of the things on my list: make the playroom a FUN place for my girls to play and that holds all their toys and is ORGANIZED! The room is burnt orange right now and I am thinking of making it purple! I don't think this will cost too much money besides paint, a new fan, and a cabinet for organizing their toys into containers.
The main bathroom is going to be one of the major home improvements. It needs some work! The whole time we have lived here we haven't even got it painted! It needs new tile and we want to tear out the cabinet and make it a stand alone sink. Bathrooms are expensive...
I would LOVE new kitchen counters... nothing fancy but I think with that it will complete the kitchen... well w/ a new rug. :)
New tile in both bathrooms and the laundry room will be a must! the laminate that is down is so gross.
Thinking about getting a carport for our driveway to protect from the ice/snow/weather - since we don't use our garage as a garage.
And other than that we have to fix the front door with new glass, and redoing our bedroom would be fun but not necessary! maybe make a headboard and get a new hamper and new wall decor! I want more pictures/frames all over the house! I take 1000's of pictures but yet we barely have any on our walls! And someday new carpet for the bedrooms.

Ok there's my dreamlist of home improvements. Hopefully I will be having blog updates of things we have gotten done! :) *hint hint hubby! lol 

...i hope this post doesn't sound greedy or selfish. I LOVE our home and I just want to make it a place where we are 100% happy and can be here for a long time! It fits our budget and our family!  So why not make the small changes?! :)

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