Jul 10, 2011

While daddy's away, the girls will play!

Jonathan has had a VERY busy week this week. Kids camp and preaching twice tomorrow! He is worn out. I appreciate ALL he does for our family and church! Without his hard work, it wouldn't be possible to stay home with my girls! However I hate when he's gone all day. You could say I'm spoiled and quality time is my "love language" so obviously I get upset, or maybe call it poutty when I don't get enough time. BUT he loves me anyways and luckily puts up with me! lol
So since Jonathan was at the church all day the girls and I hung out! Here's a few pics of our day:

"Getting the boogies!"
Sister Time!
Nap time came early for us today!
Went to the splash pad with new friends.
Kai and Kai
The 3 Stooges, I mean Amigos hard at work!
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