Jul 9, 2011

A little about me:

Fill in the Answers

I live: in Oklahoma
I work: as a House Mom/ photographer / sub @ the hospital
I think: I have the best little family.
I smell: nothing. No poopy diapers right now. :)
I listen: to music in the car.
I hide: and seek my daughter! She's not good at that game. :)
I walk: on the treadmill in between my running time.
I write: on my blog.
I see: better with my glasses on.
I sing: a song and itsy bitsy spider every nap time and night to my daughter.
I can: pretend I don't care.
I watch: cartoons with my girls in the morning.
I daydream: about being skinny.
I fall: down during ring around the rosies.
I want: to lose weight.
I cry: when I am sad. When i am happy. when I am hurt. To my husband.
I read: .... not enough. barely at all.
I love: my God, husband, girls.
I rode: in our new jeep today.
I sometimes: honk at cars when my husband is driving.
I fear: .. where to start? wasps! traffic!
I hope: I am being the best wife and mommy that God wants me to be.
I eat: too much - working on this.
I drink: water. water. and water.
I play: on facebook too often.
I miss: having close friendships, people to just text asking how are you and to do nothing with and it's ok.
I forgive: and forget.
I drive: as little as possible!
I lost: my heart when I met my husband. Corny? Yes! True? Yep!
I dream: weird dreams!!
I kiss: my husband and daughters every day.
I hug: love hugs from my family. other than that - not really a hugger!
I have: a relationship with our Lord and am a part of the best church ever, COS.
I remember: people's names.
I don't: go to bed early.
I believe: in Jesus Christ.
I owe: money for student loans.
I know: that I am where God wants me to be.
I hate: the detour because of the bridge on Cherokee being out!
I wish: I lived in a house in town.
My ex: are my ex for a reason.
Maybe I should: go to bed.
People would say that I'm: honest.
I don't understand: being a flaky person. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.
Life if full of: whatever you make it!
My past: led me to where I am today. Thank you Lord!
I get annoyed when: people are selfish.
Parties are: different to me now. No more late night parties. Now they are my girls' birthday parties and I can't forget dance parties with my 2 year old. :)
Tomorrow: we get to see Nonnie & Papa and play at the splash pad.
Never in my life have I: pet Shamu. Someday I will.
When I was younger: I lived in our swimming pool.
When I'm nervous: I talk a lot. Or not at all.
When I was 5: I had a cat named Beeper.
My life is not complete without: God, Jonathan, Kairi, and Brayce.
If you visit my hometown: you will meet my friends and family.
I once dreamt that: I lived in a marshmallow house and could fly.
The world could do without: Bugs!
If I ever go back to school: I won't.
And, by the way: I will be impressed if you read all of this! haha. leave a comment! :)

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