Jul 8, 2011

Life as a house mom

The first thing I have to say is I LOVE IT!!!! Best thing I've ever done. :) I am blessed to be married to Jonathan my best friend. He is more than happy to work hard and make the sacrifices needed for me to get to stay home. He says it makes him happy to come home and all his girls are here. :) isn't he dreamy?!

Then I have Kairi who entertains me all day long. She is a good listener, picks up her own toys, and helps me clean. She fills my day with happiness and laughter! She loves to dress up a a princess and dance. She loves her milk and blanket. She is a very picky eater but loves cheetohs, pizza, and pudding.
Then my sweet lil Brayce. She likes to sleep in until 9:30ish. She likes to eat but is happy laying on the floor and roll over and is interested in some toys. She belly laughs when mommy says I'm going to get your Brayce cheeks and nibble her neck. She likes to take naps in Mommys arms. Then there's me. I am excited to focus on my kids and play with them all day. To teach them things and make crafts. I love knowing I don't have anything to do the next day and I get to fill it with the things I want to do. Like cuddle play toys paint Mickey dance and watch cartoons. I also am going to use this time to work on losing the weight I need to! I have the time to run exercise and eat better - so no excuses. I am trying to get to where I run 2 miles everyday. Today I woke up before Jonathan left for work and ran. I really liked doing it first thing. There is no excuse to put this off. I have 42 pounds I need to lose! And the time is now!
So it was a tough decision quitting my job. Well I don't know if tough is the right word. I knew that's what I wanted to do but was nervous about tons of things: Would I like it? Or would I be restless at home? Could we afford it? Were we willing to make the necessary sacrifices? Did I want to give up the cushion that my income gave us? What would people think? Would they think I was lazy?
We went to God and seeked out his will for our family. My husband was so supportive and encouraging. He was 100% for me doing it! My mom, who I have always seeked approval from said I should definitely do it! That's where I was called to be - at home with my girls. So many friends and family said that they are only young once, they wish they would've when their kids were small etc. I talked to my friend Becca who stays at home with her son. She said I would not regret it and helped give me the courage. My boss' were great and said that I would be missed but they understood! (SIDE NOTE: i am still working at the hospital as a sub a couple times a month.) and I have to give the biggest THANK YOU i could ever give to Nonnie for everything she did for my family and girls. Without her none of it would have been possible.
So this is my 2nd week and there's no looking back. I'm in love with my new job. We live off a budget but had been doing that for almost a year now anyways. I don't count any of the things we can't afford now as sacrifices because time with my children (& husband) is the most important thing to me.


  1. So happy for you! Too bad we don't live near eachother our girls could be best buds :)

  2. Tina thought the same thing when I was reading your blog the other night. Lots in common! Your stories about your girls are so similar to ours! :) would be fun!



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