Feb 8, 2011

This is how I roll...

This morning I was thinking about comparisons.
A couple weeks ago we were about to run out of toilet paper at our house and my mother in law brought us over some of hers until we could get to the store. Well, I have been using the same kind of toilet paper for quite some time and always thought it was just fine - let's just say it did it's job. UNTIL I used this other brand - It was so soft. Well after we ran out of this new brand and went back to our brand. I was dissatisfied and I do not like my brand anymore, it feels so stiff and I am wanting the other brand now.
Well I was just thinking about how we do this with so many areas in life... not just toilet paper :) On Sunday Pastor Mike was talking to the ladies and how we have the habit of comparing ourselves to others. Our husbands will say, You look beautiful and we will shrug it off like no this is wrong with me and that.. (GUILTY!!)
Well, why do we compare ourselves to some other imperfect thing or person. Everyone feels inadequate. Why don't we celebrate our strengths and work to improve our weaknesses/flaws or at least learn to accept them? If we say enough negative things about ourselves that is what we will believe. Instead when we see ourselves in the mirror we need to say I am beautiful.
I have always struggled with this topic because I have always been bigger. When I was in high school all my friends were a size 0 but I was a size 12. I was called fat. And well, now I wish I was that fat! (See there I go comparing myself again!) I am now 9 months pregnant and it is very hard to feel beautiful at this stage, even with my husband's constant reminders of my beauty. I know I am overweight but I also know as soon as I have this baby I am going to be on weight watchers and a running program so I can work on my weaknesses and insecurities - so I can feel good about myself and get healthy. Not so I can look as good as someone else, but for myself and to be a good role model for my daughter.
My challenge for myself: Next time my husband says, "KC you look beautiful." I WILL say, "Thank you." Yes this is not easy - but that is why I am calling it a challenge!

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  1. The new Weight Watchers program is so awesome! I started back up before the holidays (not very successfully) but the new program makes it easier to eat healthy things. Good luck after the baby is born!



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