Dec 26, 2009

Single Mom - NEVER!

I could never be a single mom! I mean this as a compliment to Jonathan. Today he has been sick and on the couch all day. I've been taking care of him, picking up the house, taking care of the dogs, Kairi has been clingy and feeding everyone. I'm usually the one being taken care of! Today was a lot of work! :) But it was nice to be able to do a lot and take care of Jonathan for once. He always takes such good care of me - you could say SPOILS me! I hope he starts feeling better soon tho! I don't know how much more I can take! ha!
Yesterday was Christmas. I had such a wonderful Christmas morning with my little family. We woke Kairi up and helped her open her presents. We didn't get her a lot but she was so happy! It was sooo fun! She did pretty good at ripping the paper off the toys at 9 months old! Jonathan and I exchanged love notes! :)
It's none of my business how other people spend their money and how they choose to do Christmas. But I have decided that I never want to go over board. I want to teach Kairi about giving to others in need and I never want her to be greedy! Don't get me wrong Jonathan and I will always spoil her and we spoil ourselves. But I just think some people have the wrong idea of what Christmas is about. It's about Jesus and family and others for me. Not presents, presents, presents! And I want to teach Kairi the good lessons of giving and love. I think Santa should play a lot smaller role during Christmas and that Jesus Christ should play the LEAD!!! He always will in my family. :) *Sorry had to vent.*

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