Apr 4, 2016

5 Ways to Rock Your Passion

Have you ever been really excited about something? I mean like really, really excited? Me too. And you know when you feel like you're about to burst if you don't tell someone like NOW? Me too. And then you spill your heart out with all of the excitement and passion that's inside of you and you just know they are going to be jumping up and down and want to join you because it's the best thing they've ever heard. Me too. And then all that person does is just looks at you and says, "cool." Then they precede to change the subject to well, anything else, and you are let down, hurt, and confused. Me too.
How could they not be as excited about it as you are? Well, chances are they are that excited - but just not about the same thing as you are.
Here are 5 ways to rock your passion when others don't join you:
  • Remember that God gave YOU that passion. You have an unique personality and an unique purpose. Use all the enthusiasm to stay on track and to reach the goals that you have set for yourself. Chances are you have that desire because God wants to use you. So let him.
  • Don't judge others for not having the same passion as you. For example, if your passion is health and fitness, don't be mad at your best friend who doesn't seem to care and wants to go get ice cream with you instead. Your friend cares about you; they just don't get fired up about sweating and lettuce. You still can and should hang out with your friend, just choose a healthy yogurt option instead.
  • Ask others what their passion is. So your friend isn't into health and fitness, but the chances are she does get excited about something. Ask her. And listen. She might love reading books or drawing. And while you may not be passionate about that you might have it in common or even learn something new. So stop and listen. Be genuinely excited for other's passions just like you want them to be excited for you. Plus, you both are a step ahead of the game by knowing what your passion is and feeling alive even if they are different. The world doesn't need us all to be the same they need us to be alive.
  • Find others who relate and have the same passion as you. So, if your passion is health and fitness like the example I gave above join a gym and an online community (like Weight Watchers Connect) where others understand and join in on your excitement. Where you both get excited about kettle bells and a new quinoa recipe you found. You're not alone. Be encouraged by others and encourage others by finding somewhere you relate and can contribute.
  • Have fun and be committed. Ok, so you feel disappointed because you just shared your heart and everything inside of it and the other person's eyes didn't flicker with excitement. It's OK. This is YOUR passion. It's what makes you feel alive. Have fun being you. Be committed even if you feel all alone. Work hard for big results. Believe in yourself and your passion. And plus, you can kinda do an "I told you so" victory dance as you do you.
I believe God has made each of us unique and given us each desires that fit our personality and our purpose. The world needs you to feel alive. So find your passion. And just do it.
A few things that I am passionate about are my family, my faith and church, encouraging women, wives, and mothers, reading, losing weight, and finding financial freedom. And that has led me to blogging. I am passionate about blogging about my passions.
If you are needing to find a community to relate with on any of these things, I invite you to join me. Because I "get it." I get that being a mom is the most rewarding and yet exhausting job there ever was. I get that we need some alone time to be able to breathe. I get that at the end of the day when you don't feel like you have enough energy to even brush your teeth, yet your husband wants some kisses. I get being overweight and wanting to lose weight so you can get off the couch and onto the trampoline with your kids. I just get it. I get it women, wives, and moms. I want to be here for you. I am passionate about these things. And I am passionate about finding for myself and giving you, a place to rest.
So the next time you can't wait to shout to the rooftops something that lights you up and gets you excited. Remember, don't be hurt that the people hearing you don't join in on your crusade. If they care about you, then know that they are so happy for you and want you to succeed. Take a few minutes to stop and ask them what their passion is and give them the same attention, excitement, and listening that you want. Find a place to connect with where you can relate, like here at The Restful Place. Be committed to your passion and have fun.

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