Aug 7, 2015


My husband and I got a night away a couple days ago! We were asked to volunteer with Compassion at the Outcry Tour (concert) and thanks to my amazing in-laws who accepted the offer to keep ALL 4 of our kiddos ALL night- we could! Did you read that?! All 4 grandchildren ALL night long. Man, they're amazing!

We were super excited. One to have some time with just the 2 of us and two because we love Compassion and were grateful to get to serve with them.

We didn't see a lot of the concert because we were being trained the first couple hours, but after we handed out packets we got to stay to hear Hillsong United. We aren't big concert goers, but had a great time! I was thankful I remembered to bring some earplugs!

We were assigned to the first row on the floor to hand out packets. 750 people chose to sponsor a child with Compassion this night! On this tour alone they have had 6,000 children sponsored. So amazing!!

Do you sponsor a child with Compassion? Would you like to know more? I would love to talk to you about it and help you sign up!

Our family sponsors 2 little girls from South America. We get to provide for them to be able to go to school, have proper nutrition, to hear about Christ and receive a Bible and to get any medical attention they need! For only $38 a month you can do that too!  It's so worth it. Plus, the girls love having a pen pal to write letters back and forth! I look forward to doing this for years and years!

Here are our little girls that we love and pray for!

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