Jun 27, 2015

School Stuff

I'm finding doing school during the summer and while 37 weeks pregnant is tough. I haven't been as consistent as I have hoped and we have missed more days than I had planned. But I am choosing to give myself grace. I can not live in guilt or in the pursuit of perfection. I can only choose to keep going and pray that God gives me the strength, energy, patience and love it takes to homeschool and have toddlers.

So I have 3 more weeks until our baby boy is here and so I am going to get organized and we will do school the next 2 weeks (weeks 5&6 of MFW 1st grade) and take the 3rd week off or do more of a light load with fun workbooks, reading and crafts. I'll check in here at the end of this coming week and post about our week!

Here are a few pictures of my cuties doing school this past week. Little brother wanted in on the learning and helped Sissy out with her workbook.

And with that smile we will keep going!

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