May 9, 2015

When You Feel The Pain In Your Back

I could say that it came out of nowhere. That it was unexpected and it made the hurt so much worse. But that would just be ignoring the obvious signs and build up.

Despite the obvious signs, it still hurt and it hurt bad. The problem with getting stabbed in the back though, is that it usually doesn't happen just once, but instead it just keeps going. The pain keeps coming. The question always keeps coming up . . . how do I deal with this?

How do you deal with the pain afterwards? How do you deal with it when it comes back? When you deal with it again it starts to get better, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere one more time.

How do you deal with it; what do you do? I used to think I needed to say something, confont it. But most of the time when people think they're right, no amount of talking or confrontation will help them come to their senses and see your side of it. And so the temptaion was to just callous over. Make sure it wouldn't hurt next time. Become tougher, harder. Everytime the knife comes its easy to just not want to feel it anymore. But in all honesty I think we need to feel it everytime.

We need to feel the pain and the hurt, because from that comes something great.  You see instead of becoming apathetic or calloused, I really believe love can overcome. Not our love, but God's love. With each strike is an opportunity for God's love to shape and heal our hearts. Will it stop them? Or change them? Who knows? That is up to God, but it can change us and heal us. You see just like that, through pain, we are growing to be more like Christ. We are growing to see the world, to see people, the way He does. Hurt after hurt, pain after pain. Taking it over and over again, with grace and love.

I write this for my brothers and sisters who are hurt. Take a moment and smile big. God is at work. Love will always overcome.

So next time you feel the pain in your back that is sure to come let us run to God for healing and strive for grace and love to take over us. For when we face troubles of any kind we are to consider it an opportunity for great joy.

-- Jonathan

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