May 26, 2015

The Battle

Today I battled the urge inside of me to be impatient and unkind, to snap and yell. It was a tough fight. But now that the day is done and I have 3 quiet sleeping kiddos, a loving husband next to me and a dark night time sky I can take a deep breath and know I made it. Tomorrow is a new day. Tonight I plan on sleeping away my grumpiness and am praying for a refreshed soul and some rare pregnancy energy. (Maybe I won't have to wake up 6 times again tonight to go potty.)

This morning I saw a photo caption on IG that said, "Today is a great day to have a great day." I held on to that quote today and prayed for some much needed help.  

Nothing was wrong. My kids were fun and awesome - just loud and noisy. We were readjusting back to "normal" after a 5 day weekend where they spent much of the time on "vacation" across the street with Papa and Nonnie. So, I was just battling with my own moodiness and tiredness. I snuck away twice for a 30 minute nap and my wonderful husband stayed home to play with them during my doctor's appointment where I enjoyed reading a couple chapters in my book by myself. And I'm sure I wasn't as fun as I could've been with them during the day, but I'm thankful that God helped me to hold my tongue. My goal is not perfection - not for my kids or for myself. Thank goodness that we don't have to be perfect or even good. Jesus died on the cross and freed us from any of that.

I believe my kids went to bed tonight knowing they are loved by their mommy. And I know I'm going to bed tonight loved back.  

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