May 22, 2015

MFW 1st Grade Week 2

We are ready for another week of homeschool!

I'm going to save a lot of money in their lifetime for "back to school" clothes shopping. 

We start every day with a prayer!   

Our homeschool group ended for the school year this week. We were unable to go, but one of the moms is our mail lady (I love our small town) and was so sweet to drop off the girls' participation award which the girls wanted to snazzy up a bit.

We absolutely love being a part of the homeschool group and it was such a blessing to us in our first year of homeschooling. I encourage you to find one (or start one) in your town!   

Kai told me she LOVES math and art.  (She is my mini me.)

We have been doing patterns this week. And Kai has started skip counting by 2s all on her own. (With the help of the cheer: 2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate?) 

Daddy read our science book before he head out to mow after work. Yes, in "the box". The giant AC box that has made its home in the girls' room for a few weeks now. They love it. 

I am really enjoying MFW 1st grade so far and am excited to keep building on the skills Kairi has learned so far. It starts slow and really helps strengthen the foundation my young learner has built. It is giving her confidence. 

I've been really impressed with the improvement in Braycee's handwriting and she is getting better at following directions. 

This week we haven't stuck to a daily schedule where we do school at exactly 9 o'clock - or even only in the morning. Shoot! Who am I kidding? I made a daily schedule of our ideal day, but have yet to put it into practice. But we are getting done what is important to us in a day, so that's good enough for me for now! I'm a work in progress.

Wednesday we hadn't done school yet, but got outside to enjoy this beautiful (cloudy and rainy) but nice weather. We played cars and chalk, but decided on a spur of the moment family date night to Sam's, IHOP, and the Sonic playground (which are 45 minutes away). Oh, the fun of homeschooling! 

This is a great little daily devo book that came with the MFW Learning God's Story basic package. It really only takes about 5 minutes and I've loved the lessons it is teaching the kids. It has a short story, a few questions about what the story was about and how to apply it to their lives and a Scripture! 

And everyday we read, read, read! We love library books! Today I was telling the girls how much I loved them, but that God even loved them more than that. And Kai says, "And you love your books!"

I've been getting out my camera everyday to take some pics & for some reason the girls now love taking pictures - as long as they can be making silly faces! "One more mommy."   

Zeke "doing school" - he does a great job playing and keeping busy while we do our school work. Some days we wait until he is napping, other days I feed him breakfast in his high chair or let him color. I think I'm going to put together a tub for him with toys etc that I only get out during school. A busy box. I sooo believe that kids learn through play! 

The girls made calendars all on their own to count down the days until they get to visit Pop and Mimi. Creative and they'll be counting down from 25. 
We do sit down school 4 days plus 1 day a week designated for an exploration day. Today we did school to make up for missing Wednesday and then without even knowing they were exploring with their Papa and Nonnie the exact thing we talked about this week in science. Soil and plants.  

Looking at the planets and stars (even with the clouds) with their new app Sky Guide! Technology is such a cool tool for learning! We just have to make sure we use it and not abuse it.  
I am so grateful for this opportunity to teach my kids and to learn at home. I'm trying to put more effort into being prepared and not take any of this for granted. This weekend I'll be getting things ready for week 3.

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