May 11, 2015


So this past weekend we were having a garage sale. See why?...
Yes, it's even worse than it looks! I'm embarrassed every time we open our garage door. You can't even see the pile in the back corner. However, an awful stomach bug hit our family hard Tuesday through Saturday. There was no way we were going to be able to get ready for it or have one. So we planned to reschedule.

Sunday evening we were sitting in our driveway playing with chalk, riding bikes and with bubbles and I started staring at our stuff. And I turned to my husband and asked, "Why don't we just donate everything instead?" We've prayed to become generous people and then this hit me - here's a great opportunity to be just that. Not sell the good stuff and donate the rest, but to donate it all.

So we are going to do just that. I am currently going through each bag of the pile to see what we are going to keep for our kids to use and what we are going to give away. It's been fun to get to involve my kids in the process of giving it away to those in need (especially since most of the stuff is theirs.) And fun to see the pile shrinking as our stuff is simplified and taken out the door. It's been sickening to see how much excess we truly have. And it's been hard to part with some things.

Yesterday we were able to have 9 bags of clothes, 1 bag of kids' shoes, 2 bags of stuffed animals all ready to donate!

We are donating all of our stuff to an annual local giveaway. Basically it's a free garage sale where families in need can come to "shop".  If we aren't careful we can get "stuck" in all of our stuff and start to think that's what is important.  

So as I continue to go through our pile I keep repeating to myself, "Be generous. Simplify." Right now I'm going through bags and bags of toys (trying to be brave after finding the giant dead spider in a basket) and have 3 trash bags full headed out the door. My kids rarely even play with toys, I'm not sure why we have any or why it's so hard to get rid of them. I am remembering their laughs from this morning while they were playing with a blanket, the hamper, and a diaper box.

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