May 27, 2015

32 Weeks 3 Days

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment. When I got home I wrote my next appointment down and saw that 3 days after that it said, 35 WEEKS! Ummm... What?! Whoa.

I am 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant with our little man.  
Yes, I'm huge, but some day I figured I might want to be able to see this belly documented because it is the one that is holding my baby boy in it. I've gained 15 pounds and am still loving my coke icees (Ya, quitting didn't happen yet.) This pregnancy is flying by, but I'm in no hurry to rush it along. I'm just doing my best to enjoy everyday that has been given to me. I am feeling good and baby seems to be doing great. Heart rate right around 140 and lots of movement. I love all the kicks and rolling around all day long. He's not timid about taking up as much space as he needs.

I think in the next week or two I will need to get back out all of our baby things again and newborn baby boy clothes! So thankful for this gift. I'm excited to have 2 baby boys (& 2 big girls.) They'll be 17 months apart and I can only imagine the fun that we will have. Wish me luck or bring me chocolate for my sanity!

Nothing else to report!

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