Apr 27, 2015


I have an illness called WANTITIS.

The problem is this is a very contagious illness. I would almost dare to say an epidemic.

I have been infected for 30 years now and I have passed it on to my children.

They are young sufferers of WANTITIS. Especially my eldest.

Since the time my 6 year old was a newborn we have been on the go.

I was in need of a 12 step program for SHOP-AHOLICS.

Old Navy, Target, Amazon. No where was safe.

For a few years now my husband and I have been working to live the Dave Ramsey way, living on a budget. We've slowly, very slowly began to learn to say no to instant gratification and retail therapy.

But man, is it hard!!!

I love to shop. That has always been our "go to" fun thing to do as a family.

Now, I'm trying to shift my thinking and HABITS to experiences over stuff!

Experiences are how memories are made, not piles of stuff that get piled up until the next garage sale.

Today I went shopping with my 3 kiddos and I was frustrated by their constant "I want, I want"s and their "I wish I could have this... and this... or this..."

They are good kids and kind, but I have taught them to love stuff, or maybe that's just a natural born thing.

I was getting irritated and kept telling them to put stuff down and to quit asking for things, but then I looked around. I brought my kids to a store with all this colorful inticing fun stuff. Why wouldn't they want things? I wanted things! They weren't throwing fits or trying to be greedy. It's what I have taught them. And while I say I want to live a simple/minimalist lifestyle. I realized today that my habits do not show that. I don't think having things are a bad thing, but I think for me a lot of it is the heart and thoughtless act of getting stuff. Or not being content with what I have. Or spending money on me instead of others. (Follow your money and you'll see who you worship!)

I was standing in the middle of Hobby Lobby and checked my Instagram feed and this was 2nd down and I just stopped dead in my tracks. I was so thankful for this and it was at just the right time!

How can I expect my kids to recover from wantitis, when I am still suffering from it?

I am not going to expect perfection, but I want to live as an example!

Our actions truly speak louder than words. I want to be generous. I want to give. But am I teaching that to my children? Am I including them in opportunities to give? I want them to be content with what they have? Am I content with what I have? Or do they see box after box delivered to our front door from the UPs man? What are they supposed to think and learn from what they see?
I am thankful for grace and forgiveness. It's not too late to change habits and every day is a learning experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
God has something to say about my finances and I'm ready to learn what that is and surrender it to all to Him.

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