Mar 13, 2015

Let Them Be Little

I think somewhere down the line I forgot to "let them be little."

"Why say no when you can say yes?," used to be my motto.

Being such a tightwad or worried about them wasting quarters on those silly machines.
I think I've been too worried about sticking to the budget and paying off debt. I am making a new slot... for kid dates! It doesn't have to be much, but to them it will be a lot. I want to take them to get ice cream or to get their nails painted. 

Being too tired or lazy to play with them when they say, "will you play, too, Mama?"

...What if they stop asking?

Sending them away to the other side of the house so I can have some quiet.

Letting others be the "fun" one to be around.
I don't want to be a stick in the mud. I'm not raising brats who aren't grateful. We can splurge on the things that matter to them every once in awhile.

I think I will take each one of them on a date to Wal-Mart to play the games with a baggy full of quarters. (Instead of telling them we don't waste money on that junk.) I want to know my kids individually. I want to celebrate who each of us are uniquely and that together we make up this family.
Oh girls, I've let the days slip by. I've been content to observe life instead of diving in and getting messy with you.

I hope it's not too late. Your mama loves you and is ready to play, love, laugh, and live.

Sitting on the couch and reading books can happen after your asleep or before you wake up.

I want to snuggle with you at night and hear you retell all of the stories from our day together.

I want to stop taking for granted that we get to be together all the time and make that time count.

Somewhere I got lazy. I got tired.

Your mama is back. Your mama loves you. Let's hold hands and do life together.

I'm so thankful that God has put this on my heart. It's not too late. I have now.

I pray that God gives me the help I need to be the loving, fun, attention giving mama that they need.

I want to love what they love. Hear what they have to say. And to encourage them in their gifts that God gave them. I want to know what's important to each of them.
I've always wanted to encourage their relationship and friendship to each other, but I got lost somewhere and took myself out of the game. I want to always be their #1 fan, supporter, encourager, helper, and the go to gal for whatever they need. Yes, they need each other, but they also need their mama. And I need them too.

Family is the most important. But today I'm reminded that we are all made out of different puzzle pieces that fit together.

I've been so caught up with the pressures of raising them to be grateful, well-mannered, good adults that I forgot that they are CHILDREN.
Today I choose to let them be little.

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