Mar 10, 2015

I Am Brayce

On this blog we have some main characters that will appear regularly. And one of those little ladies is Brayce. So as we celebrate her turning 4 I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to her. 

Oh my funny, funny Braycee. You are the sunshine in my world.

I don't know why you think it's ok for you to grow up so quickly? I think it's because you're doing your best to keep up with Sissy.

You are 4 now.

You are the funniest girl. Everyone who knows you will agree.

You win everyone over with those big brown eyes.

You are a very smart girl.

Did I mention you were LOUD? And slow. Neither of those qualities are bad though. They make you, you.

And my little girl. I want you to always be you.
Funny, smart, loud, and slow.

You look at the bright side in everything and I pray that one day that will grow into a character trait of you always looking at the good in people, too.

Sometimes I wish I could put a brick on your head to keep you from growing up, but then again everyday is just so much fun with you. I love to watch you, talk with you, play with you and get to know you. So you just keep growing up, but not so fast.

You remind me to enjoy everyday. You are so JOYFUL.

I hope you continue to make people smile your whole life, but always remember to smile yourself, too.

You are such a good little sister and a good big sister. I don't ever want you to get stuck in the "middle child" where you are easily over looked. You are much too special for that. So you keep being loud, unique and special.

Your mommy and daddy think the world of you and you are definitely one of our favorite gifts from God.
Thanks for letting me be your mommy.

I could never get tired of those big lip kisses and those tight hugs around the neck.
Happy Birthday, Braycee girl!

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