Mar 21, 2015

Daddy and Daughters

When you have this handsome of a daddy and such beautiful daughters date nights must happen.
Last week our homeschool group hosted a Father Daughter Banquet. And my husband made sure not to miss this opportunity to spend time with these special little ladies.

And he made them feel special indeed! He knocked on the front door and had a red rose for each of his girls and picked them up for their date. (He literally did pick them up and put them in the car since it was raining, such a Prince Charming.)

I was in charge of hosting a photo booth for all the dads and daughters. It was a lot of fun and I was very honored to get to capture this special night for all the families involved.

Some people worry about homeschoolers and the "socialization", but I honestly think we are more social now than we ever were when Kai went to public school.
When we left the banquet Kai was practically bouncing out of her seat saying how much fun she had taking pictures with "all of my friends."

Seriously, I love my little ladies.

Brayce is as special and unique as they come. She is always surprising us with what she says and does.

Kai is our beautiful, smart, responsible little lady. She is a great big sister and I have enjoyed teaching her during her Kindergarten year.

I jumped in for a pic with my sweet girls, too.

They'll always be my best friends.

Daddy, the girls and me

I love making babies with this man. I love parenting with this guy. He supports, provides, and works hard for this family. He has encouraged me so much on our walk of homeschooling. I know I couldn't do this without him.

We are very thankful to be a part of our ️homeschool group. Homeschooling can be hard, challenging and overwhelming. It helps to have the support of so many wonderful families that are walking along side you. 

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