Mar 7, 2015

8 Bit Life

IMG_0749I (Jonathan) grew up playing video games. And when I say playing video games, I mean geeking out over video games. I could play for hours and hours; leveling up, progressing through the game and getting better and better.

It started with the simple games when I was young. The 8 bit and 16 bit games on the Atari and Nintendo. I spent my days shooting people in Contra (with 30 lives), jumping on turtles in Mario . . .MegaMan, and Final Fantasy. Then something happened. Mario turned 3D with an entire world to explore. Final Fantasy became a game with hidden items, side quests, and more than one disc. Things became complicated.

I find the same thing kind of happens in life. I remember it just being KC and me in our small rental house. Life was simple and we could have all the time in the world to do whatever we wanted. Bills were cheap, out to eat was frequent, and living couldn't get better....or so I thought.

Then came Kai our oldest... then Brayce, our Angel Baby Banner, then Zeke and now our little Roo is on the way. Now 2 houses, 4 cars, and 4 jobs later and a whirlwind of so many other things, it seems like life has gotten complicated. I sit here right now and type this out with Taylor Swift's music blaring in my ear, 3 kids running around yelling, "Daddy catch me", "Can we go outside? What about eat outside? Have we eaten lunch yet?", and a little guy trying to press all the buttons on the keyboard.

Now while I think all of that is fun, with all the fun there are decisions, and choices, and worries. It's no longer 8 bit, but instead now every choice in this game of life changes the course of where you go, what you do, and the outcome of the game.

As I think about this, I think that as life gets more and more complex, faith actually becomes simpler. Now don't hear me wrong, not easier, but more 8 bit. The worries and questions come up in life and instead of trying to solve it all, and fix my own little problems, I seem to be just handing it off to my Heavenly Father. You know that Dad that created the world with only a few words. The One who knows what is going to happen before any of it happens.

8 bit is what I like. 8 bit faith says, "Ok God, you said to love others, so I will love others. You said to ask it in your name, then I will ask for your will in my life. You said to live my life abiding in You, being wise with my money, working hard, and telling people about the Good News . . . so I guess that's just what I will do."

You see I think as time flies and life becomes more complicated, faith actually becomes simpler. In a life where it seems more like the combat strategy for Call of Duty mixed with the time consumption of Clash of Clans, I think maybe our faith can be 8 bit.

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