Feb 9, 2015

Merry Mirrors

This is how we always start our day. We love to play, play, play all morning.
The kids are LOVING this new toy we just got for Zeke. The vtech go go smart wheels! Kai wants the go go smart animal set. I see a new collection needing to be added to our toy closet. It recommends age 1-5 and I can see a lot of play coming from these toys for years to come. Check them out for your kids. All 3 are in love.

Then luckily I figured out how nice it was outside so we got dressed and took advantage of this gorgeous day. Usually we just get out all our riding toys, but today I thought we would do some "school" outside. We are finishing up our unit of Us, God made us wonderful! So we used what was left of our pitiful chalk pile to draw US.


I love when school gets to be more than just workbooks. We came inside for lunch and I had ran by he dollar store a few days ago and got a few things to make "merry mirrors." I spent $5 on the supplies and this is what they look like.


My girls LOVE crafts and they thought this was so much fun. And look how simple! It doesn't have to be expensive and Pinterest perfect for kids to love it and learn.

The girls look in their mirrors and say, "God made me wonderful because______."

Such a neat thing to teach little girls. Instead of hating mirrors their whole lives like so many of us momma's probably do, they know to look at the reflection and see a wonderful creation God made!



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