Jan 25, 2015

ZEKE 11 months

Ok guys, I barely even know how to say this without tearing up. My little big man is 11 months old. What?! In one month he will be 1? I'm not sure when that happened. 

He's such a happy, content guy. He's happy to be on the floor entertaining himself, but is even happier when his 2 big sisters are playing with him. (Which they love to do.)

Mister has 5 teeth. He still loves his bottles. He still loves eating baby food and enjoys his "squeezies". He also loves bananas and granola bars. 

He weighs around 28 pounds, well actually I haven't weighed him. He probably is more like at least 30. 

He wears size 5 diapers and mostly size 18-24 month clothes. Zekey you do not like to keep your socks on. 

He is 100% a water baby. All smiles in the bath tub, until you take him out then he screams. He loves the water. 

Don't let this picture fool you. He's still my momma's boy! 

He FINALLY will hold his own bottle. 

No walking, yet. But he will stand up on his own. 

I am so lucky to get to be his momma.

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