Jan 24, 2015

What I Read

It's been months since I've picked up a book or even a coffee. I just lost my desire to read. Maybe it was the grey skies of winter that kept me from it. I'm not sure. But this past week I've been back to my book-nerd-self that I love. We've had the windows open where the sun has been shining through. I've grabbed my coffee mug, my iPad Kindle and my favorite spot on our big cozy couch.

And I have read.
I read the first book, Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker, in 3 days because I was so hungry for what it was telling me. It was almost too fast to process everything and let it sink in. After I finished I got my journal out and have pages of notes from it. Things I want to apply in my life and the changes I want to make. I talked to my husband every other page sharing quotes and paragraphs. I sent him several screenshots of things he must read and we have discussed a few things we can start implementing at COS.

I think one reason I was so excited about this book and loved it so much is because it lined up so much with what I've been praying about, wrestling with and trying to figure out recently in my life.
It's all about loving people, helping others and living for Jesus. Showing people church rather than just inviting them to a church. I want to live a life with ridiculous love and a lifestyle that screams Jesus. I want to "live on mission." To get outside of my comfort zone (my home, my family) and serve others, nonbelievers and believers. I want to love the unlovable - because honestly no one is unlovable. I want to quit living a selfish all about me life and be a slave to others in the most loving, generous way.

My goal this year - my resolution if you want to word it that way is to

And up until this current wrestling with God I have always worn the label, "I'm not a people person." and "People scare me." Well, it's time to rip those off like a bandaid and get over it. We are in a battle. 

"A battle for souls and our weapon is love."
I would 100% recommend this book to others. She recently revised this book and that is the version I read. Plus, I was so excited to have found it on sale last week on Kindle for only $1.99.
But be warned. It does have the opportunity to INTERRUPT your life, if you let it and let God.

Last night I started a book titled, Let's All Be Brave by Annie Downs. I finished it today. I liked that this book was an "easy read" and "light" because honestly after Interruption I didn't need to stuff my brain with more stuff so soon after. Not before I could even put into action what all I had learned.
I was not a big fan of this book and didn't get very much out of it. One thing I did like was I felt a connection to the writer. She's just a girl doing what God wants her to do the best she can. I felt she was very real and wasn't overly wordy. (I'm not a fan of flowery language.) She wants to be a writer and likes sitting in coffee shops. My kind of thing. So I applaud her for going after her dream, her God-given dream. I think some people could really love this book. It just wasn't for me.
I was encouraged by this one line in the book, "So you do it for them for the people watching and for the ones who will come behind you."
Why should we be brave? For those watching and who need help finding their voice, first step, etc.
So I can do what I do, what God leads me to, with courage that maybe I will help even just one person because I was brave enough to go first.

What's on your reading list?? I'm trying to decide what to start next!

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