Jan 24, 2015

Siblings: BFFs or Not So Much

My kids are best buddies.
We spend 24/7 together. They play together, eat together, and nap together.
They love it. I love it.
They watch out for each other. They ask to always be together.

I know they are young. And as they get older their personalities will change and grow.
But do I have to accept the common belief & practice that kids will be kids and they'll soon fight all the time and drive each other crazy constantly?
Maybe I'm naive or unrealistic to believe they'll always be best friends.
But I'm ok with that. I like to call it hopeful.
I will always encourage (maybe even force) my kids to get along, be best friends, and love one another. A sibling relationship is for life.
I know it's possible. I'm a Duggar fan. They have 19 kids who love each other, take care of one another, and are friends. All the girls share a room and all the boys share one room. They chose it that way. They choose to be at home, even when they're in college. They are choosing to have large families just like they grew up in. They are happy.
So I know it can be done... But how?

What have you found to be the reason of sibling fights?

(I know they happen. I have 2 sisters.)

What are some things you do to encourage a healthy relationship between siblings?


My kids are young and we have not faced many of the trials of sibling rivals, yet. I know they more than likely will come as they grow. But I hope and pray to create an atmosphere that encourages love and friendship and healthy communication.

As I know all parents do. Even the families currently facing the battles of sibling rivals/fights crave for peace and family unity, maybe even especially them.


Mom of young kids keep having hope for a lifetime of friendship. Mom of tweens and teens, don't give up. You're doing a great job.

What is one thing you have done in your family to help create these loving relationships?


Maybe if we form together than we can figure this thing out together.




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