Jan 29, 2015

Giving Up Sugar?

Ok, so here's my question/thought. Is it possible for a sweet tooth, sugar loving girl to quit sugar? 

It's just on my mind to make some changes. Probably because I have a tummy ache right now from all my wonderful choices from today. 

Going from processed to clean... But being intimidated about how to cook like that. What's it look like? How do I cook clean meals for a family of 5 with little kids? Is there some easy peasy yummy cookbook? Maybe I should do emeals again? 

It's not about losing weight (which I know I need to), but it is about getting healthy and taking care of my body and teaching my kids how to do the same.  Maybe if I say this "out loud" I'll do something about it. I'm just kinda over it. This unhealthy, lazy lifestyle has been going on long enough. 

Hmmm.... should I? And where to start??

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