Nov 4, 2014

Zeke is 8 months

My big little man is 8 months old.

It doesn't seem possible.

He has his 2 bottom teeth and was a champ at teething.

He is pulling up on everything. He stands up and tries to be brave - or give mommy a heart attack - and let's go with both hands.

He crawls. And crawls and crawls.
It's not just one of those come here crawl to mommy things. It's from room to room to room. There is no stopping him. I'll ask the girls to check on Zeke and they'll ask where he is. I tell them, I don't know that's why you need to go check on him.

We have a basket of toys in the living room that he is content playing with for hours.

He is 25 pounds and is wearing 12-18 month clothes. I told you he's my big guy! 

He sleeps so well in his crib and is adorable in there. We put him to bed around 8 or 9 and he wakes up around 3 and 6 every night and takes a bottle for about 15 minutes and then goes back to sleep.

He loves his bottles and enjoys baby food with cereal a few times a day. He's not picky. But he likes sweet peas the best.

He still adores his sisters. They are so good with him. Always playing with him and watching out for him. If he makes a peep they go check on him and get him to laugh.

Braycee told me today that she wants another baby. A boy baby. I think she likes having a brother.

He is such a joy and everyone who knows him loves him. He's very squeezable and always happy. If he cries then he's either hungry or poopy. Other then that he's all smiles and is a very content, laid back guy.

There's not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for my little man.

After going through my pictures from the last month I am going to do my best to start carrying my good camera around, getting it out and using it. I love the convience of the iPhone, but the quality of the photos show. Most of my pictures are from inside my house and when there is poor lighting - which is usually bc I'm part vampire and love the dark - but it shows. Gotta get that thing out and dust it off.

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