Nov 13, 2014

Sleep All Night

I would love for this to be a post titled 5 easy steps to guarantee your baby sleeps all night. And you wake up refreshed feeling like a new woman every morning. But... It isn't. 

Instead, I'm asking you my readers. What helped your baby sleep at night? 

Zeke does pretty well. As in when he does wake up he just wants to eat his bottle and fall right back to sleep. And oh the snuggles in the night are so sweet. I do love them! And I know they are precious. 

But I don't need them every 3 hours like he likes. Now I know I am one lucky lady who's husband does way more than his fair share of turns. But I also want good sleep for him. 

And I do love my sleep. I need my energy during the day to be able to be patient, kind, and fun. 

The only thing I can think of is he's hungry. So we try to give him baby food and cereal right before bed and then a bottle. Which sometimes helps him skip one feeding. 

Any other wonderful suggestions mommies and daddies?

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  1. Only other thing that comes to mind is that perhaps he is just going according to his bodies eating schedule. As in his internal clock says EAT! So he does. You can change it and then he will get all his calories in the day and rewire his internal settings. We did it little by little cause thats how we roll. I stretched the time between the feedings until we were doing 2 a night, then one, then they dropped the last on their own shortly after. Like say he wakes at 2am wanting to eat I would hold off until 230. Then the next I would do the same. Yes it means being up a bit more but only for awhile. I know with one we let him cry through a feeding period then feed the next one. He made up the calories in the day right away, This worked waaaay faster but I have a hard time hearing the crys so we did it only with the first. Also I find if I give mine food at the same times each day (vs intervals) then it is easier to adjust their eating times. Hope that makes sense.



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