Nov 15, 2014

Shoe Box Party

I just love this. And I wanted to share with you all! An awesome friend of mine sent out a text inviting everyone to a party she was hosting. Usually my phone blows up with 31 invitations, but this invitation was unique, one I hadn't received before. A shoebox party. Huh?
She was hosting an Operation Christmas Child shoebox filling party. 
We've filled shoeboxes for the past 5 years with our kids, but this was just so much fun. It makes me giddy with excitement.  We went to her house not knowing what to expect and walked in with our 3 Nike orange shoeboxes and 2 bags full of stuff to fill them with. One of the kids giggled at us commenting how we actually had shoeboxes. 
My friend's room looked like she had bought out every dollar aisle there was. The stocking stuffer lover inside of me was jumping up and down. Look at all of this. And that it ALL was going to be sent to children in need!!! 
There was another table like this full too! 

She had everything people needed to fill the shoeboxes (and I can't forget to mention a hot chocolate bar, cookies, popcorn and a station to write notes to the kids). 

All she asked was that the families that came would donate the $7 of shipping per box. Well actually she didn't even ask that, but we were able to fill boxes and boxes with all of these goodies. And then donate our $7 per box. My husband read that if we were individually going to ship a box like this overseas to one of these kids it would cost $350! But with OCC it is only $7! Wow.  
My friend created this amazing opportunity to bless kids around the world and gave us the opportunity to serve as a family, with friends and as a community. 

Through this party and the guests that came 55 shoe boxes were filled! 55 kids around the world will get a box of love letting them know JESUS LOVES THEM.


My friend. Please let me help with this next year!! I hope this didn't embarrass you that I blogged about your party. I didn't write your name because I know you did this out of a loving, generous heart. Not for recognition. All for the glory of God!  I was just too excited not to share!

Does your family participate in Operation Christmas Child?? Or your church? Look into and do yourself a favor because truly the real blessing is getting to give not receive. 

I am just so giddy thinking of those 55 kids that will be opening up these boxes on Christmas. I am praying for each of those boxes and the kids who receive them. That they will not only receive a box of stuff. But a box of love. A box of God's love. The smiles, laughs, tears, and praises to God just make me want to shout! 

We don't have a lot of "traditions" we do as a family. But this I hope is something we do forever and that even when our kids are off on their own that they will remember this and want to continue giving to others and filling shoeboxes. I just saw on IG a girl post a picture that said "I have been filling shoeboxes since I was a kid. Even though I'm a broke college student I couldn't break tradition. There are kids more in need than me." I want that for my children. I pray that my children grow up being generous people and in order for that to happen I first have to model it to them and then help them practice! 

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