Oct 9, 2014

My Little Loves

Sissy 5
You are so smart and beautiful. Such a good big sister, always watching out for your little sister and brother. You are mature and responsible. You have the best memory, and always use it to tell me when I forget to do something that you wanted to do. You have a fun, colorful style, but if you could you would live in dresses. You tell me your any to marry Zeke when you get bigger. Your ant to be a cheerleader, basketball player, and an astronaut.
You are as sweet as your sweet tooth.
Brayce Boon 3
Joy and Laughter are the words I think of when I think of you. You are so funny. You are kind and good at sharing. You follow your sister around and do everything she does. You even listen to her better than you do Mommy!You aren't the best at helping clean up and like to leave your clothes on the floor wherever you take them off. And you like to run around in "pretty panties." You are a half glass full time of girl and you remind us to slow down and enjoy life. You want to marry your daddy when you grow up. You are never in a hurry to go anywhere or do anything. You get away with so much with those big brown eyes.
Zekey 7 months
Oh Mr. Man! I never knew having a son would be so sweet. My heart is filled up with love for you. You are a momma's boy. You are so close to crawling and started saying MaMa yesterday! You are always happy and content. You love your blankie and like to be cozy when you sleep you sleep on your side. You love when your sisters get on the floor or in your crib with you to play. I love your chubby hands and wrists. You are very squeezable.
Chunky is the new Hunky.


The only smile he would give me was as soon as his sisters walked into the room.



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