Oct 25, 2014

Mm MOON I am the Light of the World

I am the Light of the World.
We just finished our unit study about the moon and this is the first week I actually felt half way prepared for the school week and it such a difference. We had a lot of fun learning this week. And I say we because I am learning right along side the girls.
Monday we went to our homeschool group and Kairi was quick to volunteer to go up front to salute the flags.
We went for a moon rock hunt walk Monday afternoon and found Daddy as he was about to leave work. We filled a bag with "moon rocks" and read several books outside on the grass. (Which was Zeke's first time to sit in grass. He liked it, but didn't think it tasted great.)
M in the Mud
Tuesday was a fun day of learning as well. We painted with white paint, flour, and water and made our moons.
The girls look forward to each week when they get to go fishing with Papa at Mr. Tony's house. They wanted us to come along this week which I was very excited to do! It was so fun to watch them catch their little fish.
Wednesday Kai declared pajama day at school. We color in journals almost daily and today I let them pick what they wanted to color. And they chose rainbow monsters of course. This one was called "Boo KC."
I love how our curriculum includes so many different things to learn about. We are learning about the world around us that God created, letters and numbers, writing, reading, math, and most importantly Jesus. There is a daily Bible lesson and everytime I am just so thankful for this opportunity to teach them at home.
This week's theme verse the girls memorized was, "I am the light of the World." Matthew 5:14
Then we headed outside because it's gorgeous out there and this next activity got a little messy.
We made Moon Dust!
So easy and so fun!!!! And a big hit with the girls!
2 simple ingredients!
FLOUR and BABY OIL (and I added a few drops of Lavender essential oil)
We did a 2lb bag of flour and about 7 ounces of baby oil. Pour together and mix with your hands.
The kids loved this and even Zeke got his hands messy.
We stored it in a container in a lid so we could play with it all week long.
A fun life lesson Kai learned this week:
To tie her shoes all by herself!!
We had our A-Team Wednesday night group at church. A perk to Daddy leading the worship songs is you get picked every week! The girls love doing the motions and singing the songs on stage.
Salute to the Bible
Braycee did everything she could to be as tall as she could. It was so cute.
We painted our moon rocks with glow in the dark paint. (However I was a little disappointed with this paint. It showed up well, but did not glow in the dark and the little containers weren't even half full!)
I had been looking forward to Friday all week and it had been hard to keep the secret of what all fun was in store for the family!
We got a new floor puzzle of the Solar System by Melissa and Doug. I loved this puzzle. Great color, pictures, fun to put together, and huge. I got it for $7.99 at TJMaxx.
We ended our unit of the moon with a Friday night backyard camping, weinie roast, s'mores, and a telescope!
I loved every single thing about this night. The girls just kept saying, "This is Amazing!"
My kids know how to relax!
We did a gravity jump with glow sticks on the trampoline!
The girls looked more like aliens though! So cute.
They said their names were DragonFly and Indian.
S'MORES!! Kai's favorite.
My hubby was so sweet to hang up some lights for me. I loved it.
The only downfall of the whole night was that it was a NEW MOON! Ugh. So yes, on our last night MOON unit study we saw no moon. Actually, all week we didn't see the moon. And last week when we did the Sun unit study it rained all week. However, next week is Leaves and I think we will be good to find some falling, colorful leaves!
We used this telescope to try to look at the stars. Kairi was very excited to use a "real telescope because I never have." Usually we use paper towel tubes, so I would say this was an upgrade. Ha!
We crawled into the tent around 9:00 and spent some time laughing, playing, talking, and snuggling. Then the girls fell asleep in their sleeping bags. Jonathan and I sat by the fire for another hour then I snuck into the house to be in there with Zeke (which apparently he thought that night would be a good time to wake up 3 times.) and Jonathan found out how old he is when he woke up the next morning cold and stiff. Apparently the ground isn't as soft as our bed.
I am so happy that we did this. It's a night I hope I remember forever. And even if I don't, I hope we do it again and again to build that forever memory. The whole night only cost me $1 for the chocolate and it was such a fun night. I think the girls think we hung the moon for such a fun night.


Now it's time to make a new plan for all the fun learning we will be doing next week!


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