Sep 8, 2014

Wonder Woman

Why are you sad??
Between sobs Sissy told me, "I'm not a good enough drawer."

My 5 year old strives for perfection. I don't want that for her.
But while she is striving for perfection she does not practice perseverance.

When things get tough or she doesn't perform to her standard/expectation she will quit. Not only will she not try again, she runs. She runs to her room, climbs into her bed and sobs... loudly.

This ranges from big to small. Last week it was not being able to tie her shoe on the first try and when I told her she has to practice - she says she had tried once before.

Well today Jonathan, Braycee, and Kai were trying to draw Super Heroes and when I came to sit down I asked where Kai was. She had ran. I noticed the crumpled up paper and went to crawl into bed with her. I snuggled her and asked her why she was sad? She responded back, "I am not a good enough drawer."

What?! Why does she think that? What standard is she placing on herself? I never knew we learned so young to be so hard on ourselves and expect perfection. Well, I do not want perfection from my daughter. I was so thankful to be there at that moment. To be able to cuddle her and comfort her. I told her how no matter what she was always enough because she has Jesus living inside of her.

Well, I finally convinced her that she couldn't give up, but that she had to go try again. I told her what I would do if I was wanting to draw Wonder Woman like she was. We found a Wonder Woman doll she had in her basket of toys and headed back to the table.

I drew along side of her and Brayce helped me color. Praying for her all along, my heart hurt for her that she was being so hard on herself.

I was also saying a prayer of thanksgiving. I am so thankful that I have Kai at home to see things like this right when they happen. To be able to encourage her and train her up.
Jonathan noticed Kai today shooting hoops. She would run over and tell us when she made a shot, but if someone else was watching her she wouldn't try. He said he thinks she is afraid to be embarrassed or not being good enough. And I would completely agree with that. I'm praying about how to train Kairi. What to focus on to help her develop her strengths and to not fear her weaknesses.
HIS power works best in our weaknesses. For when we are weak, we are strong. (2 Cor 12:9-10)

This year I have so many character qualities I want to focus on.
Obedience, Patience, Kindness, and one that is moving up the list... PERSEVERANCE.

You can do it, Kai! Keep on trying. Don't be afraid to fail.
The pursuit of perfection is overrated.

And check this out...
She was so proud of herself and as soon as she came back to the table to color, she was so happy and in the sweetest mood. Sissy, I will always be your #1 fan, cheering you on in all your adventures.

And just because she is so cute. She was my little helper.

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  1. Awesome blog… So encouraging! Motherhood can be overwhelming but your blog is a great reminder that it's the little things one moment at a time that train our children



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