Sep 17, 2014

Learning on the go!


One of the many fun things about homeschooling is we get to learn wherever we go. Which is a good thing because we like to go.


Yesterday the kids and I loaded up and headed to Kansas City with Nonnie on her business trip.

Today she is at work and we are hanging out in the hotel.

And just because we aren't at home, that didn't keep us from learning.

First things first. Play with our new toys and fun!
New day. New collection.
We are loving My Father's World.
We are learning about Creation. And because God made everything, this is a good foundation for everything we learn in the future we know where it came from and who our Creator is. I like that MFW focuses on this in the beginning. Even though it is repetitive and a little slow the girls have not complained once.
I am adding in different books focused on that day's creation, different crafts and other fun things - like Pinterest ideas or going outside to investigate the creation. Today or tomorrow we might go to a pet store to check out all the animals we just learned that God created.
Day 5
Sissy is a pro at her ABC's, but this is still a good review for her.
Braycee is learning and it's been fun for Kai to help teach her.
We have been going over the letters everyday and I've found a lot of fun, different letter options to keep it new, interesting, hands-on, and fun.
I wish I knew how to put videos on blog posts so you could hear her. I better look into how to do that.
On Day 5 God created the creatures in the sea and the birds in the sky.
So I thought it would be fun to paint bird houses! They were only $1 from Wal-Mart. The girls loved this. And with washable paint I wasn't scared to do it in the hotel.
And then we used a Melissa and Doug's reusable sticker pad to play with sea creatures.
Zeke took an awesome nap and woke up around now so we decided to wrap it up and have lunch and play hide and seek.
So that was just a little peek into our morning learning in the hotel. Now it's time for a nap before Nonnie comes home.
Does anyone have any good suggestions for children's books on the Kindle? What are your favorite kid's learning apps for the ipad?



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  1. Looks like fun!!! Star fall was one of our favorite learning websites. Stacy



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