Sep 16, 2014

For Sale 50 cents

Well, some things you can only put off for so long before you can't ignore them any longer. And for my family that was our long over due garage sale. So this last weekend we finally went through the boxes in our garage and put out some signs.
Garage sales are so much work. I was thankful for my 3 big helpers.
We spent all day Thursday getting things ready.
This was probably the most relaxed, unorganized garage sale I have ever have. We ended up maybe pricing a 1/3rd of the items. It was much easier to sit back and make up prices as people asked.
I kept hearing "Good-Bye" and would turn and see this. They did good parting with their stuff, but also snuck way too much back into the house.
Thankfully after work Papa and Daddy joined us. We needed the help! Look at all of this.
He was such a trooper.
And notice the jacket? That was the determining factor for me to finally get this done. The weather was supposed to be beautiful!!! Like in the 60's!
It's Friday morning and this garage sale crew was open for business!
Friday morning we woke up at 5:30 and at about 6:30 we had all the tables out and ready. And then at 7:30 here came the "mist". Who knew mist could get so much stuff so wet?! Luckily Papa came back over to help again move all the tables back in and our neighbors let us borrow their tents to keep stuff dry.
The sale was going great and I don't think there was a single moment that first day where we didn't have someone there buying things.
The kids were having fun and Zeke even got in a cozy nap right on me.
Besides having a lady judge us rudely for the amount of stuff we had, it was a great day. I obviously knew how much we had - that would be why we were having the garage sale to simplify. (And bc we finally had sold our house and were moved out completely!)
That night was the first football game! The girls were pumped and had been looking forward to it all week.

Daddy was excited too!
Sportin' their shirts Jonathan designed for our church.
Our town.
Our turf.
I hate missing fun family time like that. But Zeke and I had a better plan. Sleep.
I was exhausted and knew that Saturday morning was going to come way too early. Plus, I got a lot of snuggles.
Round 2!! Zekey didn't want to miss out on the action and joined us around 7
It was freezing, I even had Jonathan grab our space heater out of the attic.
My crew ready to sale stuff.
We were a little concerned when the crowds were sparse. Apparently there are normal people out there that like to sleep in on Saturdays! The crowds did end up coming later.
Nonnie and Papa took the girls to Lowe's Build and Grow and McDonald's.
I couldn't believe that we were able to sell almost everything. Probably because our famous line was, "50 cents." You can sale anything at the right price - cheap. My friend was amazed when I told her I sold empty glass bottles of my Starbucks drinks.


I mainly measure success of a garage sale in how much you get rid of and then how much cash is in your pocket. We were thankful for a double successful garage sale. What didn't sale we donated and now my goal is to not need to have another garage sale next year!!

(Which kind of a funny fact is that Jonathan saw on his TimeHop that exactly 1 year ago we had had a garage sale and football game!)


This weekend was fun! I loved getting to have the sale together with my family, but I was ready for a nap!



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