Aug 8, 2014

I Don't Want to Live in a Fish's Belly

Last night after a long day of having fun with my family, which Brayce declared as "Family Day," I thought we should go night swimming to end it with a good note. My husband thought I had lost my mind since the girls had been melting down for the past 2 hours and it wasn't looking up anytime soon. So yes, at 9 o'clock I said, "Let's go swimming!!" And it was awesome. The girls were in a great mood and I might have threatened to take away their iPads for 2 days if there was any whining or complaining once we got home for bed. It worked, sometimes you do what you gotta do.

We've been doing Bible time each night and so I thought it would be fun for Daddy to tell us a Bible story in the pool. The girls thought that was a great idea, however they wanted a spooky ghost story instead. Ha! So Jonathan being awesome like he is told a Bible "ghost" story. We had fun acting out Jesus walking on the water during a storm. And they wanted more so we also acted out Jonah getting swallowed by a big fish while Daddy told us the story.

This was the man who ran the other way when God asked him to do something he didn't want to do because he was afraid. He hopped on a boat and said take me as far away as you can! But then the storms came and Jonah knew that it was his fault. Kai had fun getting thrown off the boat and swallowed by the big fish. But in life, I don't think I want to have to get thrown off a boat and live inside of a fish's stomach.

This got me thinking about something God has asked me to do. And just like Jonah, I am scared. This is something that I never thought I would do or planned to do. Why was God asking me to do this? It's weird and different. And being different isn't normal so different is scary. And it's easy to want to run away from different.

But I have had to ask myself, Do I want to obey God or do I want the storms to come and get thrown off the boat?

Well, I have to obey. I want to obey. I have to listen and go where He is leading in my life. No matter how different or weird it might be.


We are going to HOMESCHOOL our children.


This is never something I would've chosen or thought up on my own. I know that it's what God wants for our family. Jonathan knows, too. I have been scared to tell people because I will be different and well, what will people think? What will my family think of me, especially since they are all teachers? What will my friends think? What will strangers think? What will my kids think?

But I had to stop asking those questions that are only directed towards people's thoughts of me. I couldn't let those trump the most important question...

What does God want for MY family?

Now I'm sure some of you have questions and maybe even concerns. If you feel like you need to ask them from me, then you can. If you want to encourage me, then please you can do that too.

Please know though, that I have had questions and concerns as well. I've had doubts and fear. But I also have a peace. God's peace. And that comes from trusting and obeying Him.

I am afraid and I have questions, but I am also very excited. I'm excited to teach my children and to have to rely on God's strength daily to make it through each day.

It reminds me of when I became a stay at home mom (SAHM). I was so worried and was seeking approval. It was something I said I would NEVER do. I had so many fears and was scared of failure. I wasn't sure I would like it and didn't know if it was for me. But I felt that God was calling me to be at home and He orchestrated the opportunity for it to happen. Then even though I was nervous, I went in and told my bosses. I told my family and my friends. And now after 3 years I can say it's one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I can't imagine it any other way. And I'm looking forward to being 3 years down the road of homeschooling and being able to say the same.

So just like I was arm pit sweaty nervous to announce my big news of being a SAHM, I am that nervous to say I HOMESCHOOL MY KIDS.

I am just choosing to obey the calling God has placed on my family. I respect you and your decisions for your family. I hope you can respect mine as well.


I'll be sharing soon our family's reasons why homeschooling is for us.




  1. I had the BIGGEST smile on my face just reading this. I love your spirIt SO much!!!!! You're such an amazing mom and I can't wait to see what homeschooling looks like for your family. :)

    1. I don't know that I would do without your encouragement friend!!

  2. So excited for you! I'm so glad you are following your heart! I loved reading this. What a great lesson for your kids to learn to follow God's calling!

    1. Thanks for the sweet encouragement Mal!!



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