Jul 1, 2014

Zeke is 4 months

Mister, you are growing too quickly, but I can tell you I've enjoyed every day with you.
You are 4 months old and are the sweetest little guy ever. You are a mama's boy and your two older sisters adore you and your daddy kinda likes you a little bit too.
We love your ornery grin. I'm sure we are in for a good time when you get on the move.
Our daily snuggles are fewer, but I do looooovvvveeeee when you do decide to fall asleep in my arms.
On the left 1 week old on the right 16 weeks
You like the pool, but it must wear you out because you are always ready for nap time afterwards.
You are getting interested in your toys and the girls always keep you entertained by bringing them to you and filling your lap.
Have I mentioned to you how much I love being a boy mom?
4 months old 25.5 inches long and you weigh 16.78 pounds
You drink a 6 oz bottle every 3 hours, but sleep through the night. I am thankful you like your sleep as much as I do. You wear size 3-6 month clothes and are in size 2 diapers.
Don't worry Mommy's not a fan of you getting shots either!
You are so chill.
Always grabbing those toes and sucking on your fingers.
Being your mommy is the greatest thing in the world.
Zekey, you are loved!


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