Jul 29, 2014

Zeke 5 Month Update

Zeke you are now 5 months old!
And boy, oh boy are you handsome!
And you're cuddly!
And oh so Happy!
And you are the sweetest little boy.
You are just the best baby.
Yesterday you rolled over for the 1st time.
4 months was a lot of fun! You have grown so much. You like to grab things and smile all the time.
You sleep in your rock n play sleeper still and go to bed around 8 and wake up around 7 to eat a bottle and then go right back to sleep until 10.
You are wearing 6 month - 9 month clothes. We still squeeze you into some of your 3-6 month stuff though. You're still just eating bottles - 6 oz every 3 hours. This month we will start giving you cereal more regularly. You spit up. All. The. Time! But you're growing and healthy so it's ok. We just make sure to always have several burp rags around. As soon as we button your shirt, or buckle you in your car seat we know there will be spit up.
You are so great in this family! We all are smitten over you!
You love to suck on your fingers, you're scared of loud noises (like Mommy's sneezes) and you love the swimming pool.
We call you Zekey, Zeker Squeakers, and Zekerton.

You are loved and spoiled, buddy! Life is so much sweeter with you around.


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